Another Alien Beauty: Iekeliene Stange


At first glance, supermodel Iekeliene Stange looks like another cool specimen of Alien Beauty, joining the ranks of Sasha Pivovarova and Gemma Ward. But snapshots of Iekeliene’s personal style reveal another, charmingly goofier portrait.

Iekeliene (pronounced Ee-kel-een-ah) was discovered as a multimedia student in Holland, and didn’t know much about fashion before becoming a model. “I was a little punk rocker with red dreadlocks, a nose ring, and covered in rainbow bracelets,” she recently told Teen Vogue. Though she’s had to tone down her look for the runway, Stange still keeps it weird in regards to personal style, as can be seen below. Her hobbies include “photography, making amazing tutu’s and keeping it real.” Too cute!


– her cheekbones are very distracting in this video

5 Responses to “Another Alien Beauty: Iekeliene Stange”

  1. Tequila Says:

    Ah what a colorful gem…but oh how her accent kills me. I think I’m in love…the candid snapshots of her personal style so far prove more interesting than the pro level stuff. At least to me anyhow…quality work mind you but I like her sense of fun and color a lot more.

  2. Lauren Says:

    Dear Coilhouse,
    I love you for knowing who she is.

    But I’ve heard she’s not too nice… way back (like 1.5 yrs ago) in the days of my obsession with the modeling industry I heard rumors about her. However, I loved her style way too much to hate her.

  3. rachel radness Says:

    strange, i just cut out that picture of her in teen vogue yesterday and used it in a collage.

    she has the glasses collection of my dreams!

  4. D Says:

    (Off/on topic, I saw The Darjeeling Limited this friday. For some Adrien Brody action and for the nice Wes Anderson film – heartfelt recommended.)

  5. Koume Says:

    OMG she looks amazing, look at those cheekbones!!!!!
    Love her lolita style, very cool!!