Artificial Luminescent Eyelashes

LED Eyelashes

Artist Soomi Park from Seoul has created a set of LED eyelashes that light up in the dark. In an interview with We Make Money Not Art, Park describes the motivation behind her design:

I tried to project Korean’s obsession to big eyes, and how this fetishism is interpreted into excessive plastic surgery done on the eyes among Korean women. I really thought the obsession with big eyes can be represented through media design, because both yearning for bigger eyes and projecting the look through lights can be done by distorting the representation and creating new images. The LED Eyelashes have a mercury sensor that controls the light on the face. When wearing the LED eyelashes, you look embellished as if you were wearing a piece of fashion jewelry.

Politicized wearable art that invokes cybernetic technology? Marry me! In truth, you had me at “light-up lashes.” Read the article for more about the eyelashes and about Park’s compelling Digital Veil projet. The article mistakenly refers to Soomi as a boy, but she corrects the misconception in the comments. The interview is excellent nonetheless.


5 Responses to “Artificial Luminescent Eyelashes”

  1. Mer Says:

    Waaaah! Amazing! I know some fabulously badass drag queens and some equally fabulous cybernerds that would kill for a pair of these.

  2. Tequila Says:

    I wonder if these things would hinder your field of view much? Or how they would react with ambient light as a whole. I like em…from what the article states they look to have a lot of potential…beyond the initial intent…they could prove quite a bit of fun if one could figure out how to concentrate the light outward like weird personal headlights.

    Oh how fun that would be to wander the dark with beams of light shooting from ones eyelashes.

  3. Jordan Lawrence Says:

    Well, personal, directed flashlights might be interesting, but the idea of using different kinds of ambient lights to create different effects is a bit thrilling. I want to walk into a club and see that kind of neon love going on.

  4. kendall jade Says:

    oooh!! I want some. very illuminating(‘scuse the pun) into the style of the future. ooh la la!!

  5. Chrissie Says:

    Need information on the LED eyelash