Elegy Magazine Issue 51

Latest Cover of Elegy

Thew new issue of Elegy is out! Actually, I think it’s more that the cover got leaked, which means that it’s about to come out. On the cover, a mask by Madame Khufu, as photographed by Spanish photographer Eccehomo.

Every time I get a new issue of Elegy, I mourn the fact that I’ve forgotten all my French. Luckily, every issue of Elegy is so packed with gorgeous full bleeds of photos and art from all over the world that even though I can’t understand a thing, the magazine is worth every penny. As Elegy’s main focus is music, each issue comes with a CD sampler; last issue, it included Neil Gaiman, Neubauten and Nurse with Wound.

5 Responses to “Elegy Magazine Issue 51”

  1. k paul blume Says:

    Dave Gahan still looks pretty good…damn his eyes.

  2. john colby Says:

    It it just in french ? is there one in spainish as well ? I supposed to be getting a copy in the mail ( holds breath )

  3. Nadya Says:

    John, you’re in luck! Elegy also puts out Elegy Iberica, which publishes in Spanish and Portuguese. A gorgeous magazine.


  4. john colby Says:

    Yeah Morgana was on the cover of that one in Medusa mask

  5. Io Says:

    It is indeed such a gorgeous magazine — I pick it up whenever I’m in Europe. It was quite awesome to have that shot you did in there.

    Indeed, I wish I knew French because I’d love to read it fluently, but at least my fluent Spanish enables me to read a good 60% of what’s being said.