Freyagushi: Ruffles Mixed with Bandages

Photo by: Tatiana Guillaumet. Turbine jewelry: atomefabrik.

Everything that designer Freyagushi makes is a bit kinderwhore, prescription a bit medical, viagra and all pink. Many alt designers today try to present themselves as something more than what they actually are, embarrassing themselves in the process by doing things like erroneously adding the word “Couture” to the end of their business name. There’s no effort on Freyagushi’s part to look professional at all; she’s just like, “come into my zany world!” The result is honestly fun.

The designer is also the model in some of the pictures above (that’s her with the pink circuitry tattoo!). For her next trick she’s doing the Animal Hospital Fashion Show at the Torture Garden.

Model: Ulorin Vex. Photographer: Russell Coleman.

4 Responses to “Freyagushi: Ruffles Mixed with Bandages”

  1. Kambriel Says:

    Glad to see someone else with the “couture” peeve ~ thought that was just me ;)

    Brava for being able to have *fun* with creative possibilities and not feeling like they must parade around as anything other than what they are.

  2. Lauren Says:


    I feel love.

  3. Tequila Says:

    I think I’m in internet love with that last model…

    Great stuff from a visual standpoint if nothing else. I’m a sucker for it though, all the little details, the bold colors, and of course…the crazy fun of it.

    That said I will launch my OWN “Couture” line centered around…the Poptart!

  4. jessica Says:

    supa dupa cute!