Strange Angels: Seth et Holth

Have you ever been filled with the burning desire to see your favourite ’80s rocker step out of a massive, glowing vag and use his tongue to make sweet love to another man’s eyeball?

I knew it. You people disgust me.


I give to you the 1993 tour-de-force of homo-erotic gluttony that is Seth et Holth. Set to the backdrop of some actually rather wicked industrial rock, the 43 minutes of beautiful confusion that follows is staged by one Hide (X-Japan) and Tusk (Zi:Kill) as Angels who communicate with their blood, struggling after being cast out of heaven and eventually executed by earthlings. It’s kinda like a less pretentious Cremaster Cycle done in the style of a New Wave music video but with cooler-looking dudes.

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Don’t make too much of an effort to ‘get’ this movie — seriously, it would make David Lynch cry — as it presents itself to be more of a visual and musical experiment. It’s worth a look as an unusual piece of rock nostalgia alone.

9 Responses to “Strange Angels: Seth et Holth”

  1. Lauren Says:

    “use his tongue to make sweet love to another man’s eyeball?”
    there’s a scene like that in lolita. but wasn’t another man and it was more of a quickie.

  2. Milly von Hilly Says:

    Love them and leave them.

  3. Zoetica Says:

    Oh Hide! Good to know he still makes me want to touch myself, even from beyond the grave. I suppose it’s sort of embarrassing that a clip of two J-rockers writhing around in each others blood can cave such an effect, buts still – rarr!

  4. Milly von Hilly Says:

    You big gay.

  5. the daniel Says:

    \m/ – i think i have a pretty good quality rip of this somewhere..

  6. Nadya Says:


  7. Andrea Says:

    I heard about this awhile ago. . . I want to see the full thing now!

  8. Milly von Hilly Says:

    Full length:

    Get the popcorn and snuggle up.

  9. Andrea Says:

    Thanks :] *pauses x japan cd and puts some popcorn in the microwave*