Superblack! Scientists discover world’s darkest.. thing

Researchers in a US laboratory created the darkest ever substance, said to absorb light ‘perfectly’ from every angle and reflect nothing. In fact, scientists claim that it’s so fucking black that it’s 30 times blacker than the current benchmark of blackness. That’s right, there’s a benchmark for blackness. You heard it here first.

According to the Houston Chronicle, it “reflects 0.045 percent light, making it 100 times darker than a black-painted Corvette.”

Here is an exclusive preview of the darkest matter in the universe:


Scientist expect that this discovery will be applied in the fields of electricity, solar energy and next season’s Lip Service collection.

16 Responses to “Superblack! Scientists discover world’s darkest.. thing”

  1. Skerror Says:

    Whoa…that’s awesome. This new black is the new black.

  2. paul blume Says:

    As I wrote to someone when it was first reported, “I want a suit made of this!”

  3. lucylle Says:

    “reflects 0.045 percent light, making it 100 times darker than a black-painted Corvette”

    … or 30,25 times darker that the average goth. ;-)

  4. Tequila Says:

    Why the very core of my soul is darker then that!!! Beat that science! :P

  5. Kambriel Says:

    If it reflects 0.045 percent light, it sounds like there’s still some definite room for improvement. Good attempt, but I would practically call that “grey” ;)

  6. kris_ether Says:

    Actually that black isn’t black, it’s ‘fuligin’, the true black, like the shade of black for the cloaks worn by Severian and his guild members in the Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe.

    Oh and carbon nanotube based materials are for the win….. I loves ma’ science me.

  7. Laura Gardner Says:

    I heard it somewhere else first actually. Might have been the news.?

  8. meeks Says:

    just wait till they put it in hairdye and lipstick.

  9. andrew Says:

    Is the black in a black-painted Corvette different than the black in a black-painted Trans Am? Not being familiar with scales of blackness, I was just curious where exactly the Corvette fell in the ratings.

  10. Milly von Hilly Says:

    I reckon we could get it blacker. It’s still so bright it hurts my eyes.

  11. Milly von Hilly Says:

    @ Laura….was being facetious. I originally found this on the Beeb website last week, and it’s definitely made the rounds. Excuse my sloth reporting ;)

  12. D Says:

    I thought of Gene Wolfe as well, such geekitude.

    I need jewelry and shades made from this. And hair color.

  13. Nathan Explosion Says:


  14. rain Says:

    i like black.

    black looks good. l

    ooking good means no dandruff.

  15. tymcode Says:

    I think that for this year’s Halloween, I’m gonna go as a hole.

  16. k freak Says: