The dirty rococo of Prince Poppycock

A Louis XIV confection or occasional Nancy Sinatra-esque chanteur/chanteuse in gold glitter boots with world-class vocal talent. No lip-syncing for Mr. Quale, who is a true artist and transforms himself Klaus Nomi style once he graces the stage. Nina Hagen would be proud, as would Diamanda Galas.” – Roy Rogers Oldenkamp for

I’m surprised to have wated taken this long to mention the luminous Prince Poppycock. I’ve been amused, enamored and confused by this marvelous creature ever since the pleasure of sharing the stage with him last spring in La Belle Époque.

Part randy dandy, part rock star, part drunken courtesan, Poppycock instantly owns the audience with but a glance and a wiggle of bedazzled pantaloons, and that’s just the beginning. His operatic prowess, glamourous costumes and ostentatious prose leave not a heart unstirred. A masterpiece of self-transformation, the Prince is also recording artist John Quale, but I’m secretly hoping Poppycock will take over completely one day, to reign supreme in a glittery victory of feathers and gold spandex.

21 Responses to “The dirty rococo of Prince Poppycock”

  1. mer Says:

    I never heard of him… off to check him out… but I must say, I want that tricorn!! :D

    And, er, Roy Rogers Oldenkamp should check his history, heh:

  2. Mer Says:

    Met the royal Prince a couple years back at a DD show and was totally blown away by his enormous stage presence and that VOICE. Man, those are some golden pipes. The whole PP package is delicious, of course, but I imagine vocal abilities like that are exceedingly rare to achieve and difficult to maintain in conjunction with the frippery, fabulousness and somewhat-hard-livin’ club shenanigans. Klaus Nomi would indeed be proud.

  3. Zoetica Says:

    Mer: Ha – I thought the same thing but thought I’d keep it faithful to the quote, at first. But you know, I think the Prince would apreciate us being historically correct, so I canged it to “Louis XIV” – I think we can all be certain that’s who Oldenkamp meant!

    Uhm, our Mer: His voice is incredible, yes! It’s about time I saw another one of his performances – truly a superb entertainer.

  4. q gauti Says:

    my friend jesse has been trying to introduce me to this gentleman for a while – i believe at one point he appeared in the role of Jesus in The Beastly Bombing? Though, i could very well be wrong.

  5. Nadya Says:

    q gauti, you are correct! That was him. Amazing look, amazing voice.

    I’m surprised he’s not more well-known!

  6. Io Says:

    Given my insatiable fetish for all things 18th century, I must know: where/when can I see this guy perform???

  7. Zoetica Says:

    Io – Mister P’s performing next here in LA at El Cid on September 17th – I’ll probably be there!

  8. q gauti Says:

    heh, nadya, jesse was the president in that production :) I narrowly avoided the crotch-thrusts.

  9. Molly Crabapple Says:

    I must draw this man!

  10. andrew Says:

    I first heard of Poppycock when he performed as part of Anne Magnuson’s show at RedCat toward the end of 2006. He was phenomenal. Not surprising that Poppycock’d end up playing with Kristian Hoffman (Magnuson’s co-writer and band leader) as Hoffman wrote many of Klaus Nomi’s songs.

  11. fortheloveofthestars Says:

    This is a terrific clip of him being his awesome self:

  12. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    How odd, I saw these images used for a designer on etsy who actually makes that hat. I couldnt tell if it was actually male or female, now I know.

  13. PUREVILE! Says:

    I just had the pleasure of seeing him at Dances of Vice here in NYC and there might even be a pic of him and I sharing a smooch in towering powdered wigs!!!!

  14. Cherry Wray Says:

    tre fantastique!

  15. RecentSighting! Says:

    I was channel surfing and he caught my eye on America’s Got Talent the other night… And I have to say, he was INCREDIBLE!! I am just sorry I didn’t know about this intriguing individual before!

  16. PrincePoppcockRules Says:

    Saw him on AGT and fell in love. I hope he wins, his voice is marvelous and his personality is just hilarious. I wish him the best!

  17. loo Says:

    klaus nomi

  18. Juice Says:

    You remember the movie Juice? This man has got the juice.

  19. swooningmabel Says:

    I saw the Prince on this VERY PAGE before he ever got to AGT. He excited me then and I’m *enraptured* now. I may have just found my next infatuation.

  20. David Says:

    Poppycock stands alone in his genre going back in time to be ahead of his time. It screams originality like legendary band Led Zeppelin w/ songs like Dyer maker, Dancing days, kashmir the list goes on.
    Actually the prince puts on multiple layers just because of his choice hisorical identity. musically, visually add great contrast that just seems to work as log as the music is properly utilized. Prince Poppycock is a new and diferent breed i hope the world can apreciate it for what it is… ITS

  21. Denny Says:

    Prince Poppycock is wonderful, but he’s got nothing on IGGY BERLIN !!!!!