The Jackson space adventure continues

This sexatronic fan-made cover for Janet Jackson’s single “Feedback” has been taunting and circling the Internet for a couple of weeks. Now the video is out, YouTubed and miss Jackson is back in full fetish fashion force. This look has become Janet’s signature, though few things could ever top the purple latex bustle+pants number she wore in 1999 for Busta Rhymes’ glorious, if a bit confusing, hyper-futuristic “What’s It Gonna Be?” video.

In Feedback Janet slithers around a tiny planet in domme gear – gloves, knee-high boots and hooded catsuit. There is even a dance sequence toward the end and Janet still has it, though the moves are more fluid than the mechanical Rhythm Nation style we love. But there are also shiny face shields, hair-pulling, floating in open space, and a giant bowl of what I can only hope is milk. Michael would approve.

As for the song, eh. So mute the video, play something thumpy and click below.

Saved this for last, as I didn’t want to affect your viewing experience. To my befuddlement the lyrics include lines like “Before we go any further, let me put you up on this secret table. I got novelties so appeasing, feed my fetish please” alongside “Cause my swag is serious, something heavy like a first day period”. I will now try to forget this, and watch the video, again.

5 Responses to “The Jackson space adventure continues”

  1. Skerror Says:

    That’s good moving day joke material…”This couch is heavy like a first day period.”

  2. foxtongue Says:

    If it weren’t for that grauitous bit of sperm-globule dancing in the red bodysuit, it could almost be hypothized that she and her dancers are frolicking in a bowl of cereal. Corn pops, actually.

  3. Nadya Says:

    Go, Janetborg, go! I’d love to hear the director’s explanation behind the concept for this video! Of course I love her style in it, but the progression of events here is even more mystifying to me than “What’s it Gonna Be?”

    The beginning reminds me of Little Prince.

    The actual phto that the drawing at the start of the post is based on has a subtle fetish appeal in and of itself.

  4. Gala Says:

    I love that you guys have such Jackson mania.

  5. Zoetica Says:

    It reall was spermadelic, wasn’t it! Damn it all, I kept trying to believe it was all milk.

    Ha @”Janetborg”. Yes, mystifying is a great way to word it.