The Living Dollhouse of horrors

Dolls have long been fetishised and it’s to be expected, really – perfect skin, stylized features, limitless hair possibilities and endless wardrobe options are all enticing. In alt modeling the idea of the living doll is prevalent, in and out of Japan the Elegant Gothic Lolita style has provided much doll-like fashion, and of course in folklore living dolls exist as well. But now you might be asking yourself – damn it, what about mannequins! Aside from that 80s movie, what’s out there?

Behold, the Living Dollhouse. Not for the weak of constitution, this Pandora’s box of an internet archive has all you ever dreamed of. Mannequin fiction, mannequin photos, mannequin art – it’s all there just for you. Perhaps you, now a bit shaken, are wondering how I came across such a site. Like the Dollhouse owners, I like mannequins. I currently own four, having recently rid myself of four others due to overcrowding, and was innocently hoping to find some costuming inspiration. But, as is the way of the Web, the Living Dollhouse is what I got instead. Now I feel dirty and you will too.

12 Responses to “The Living Dollhouse of horrors”

  1. D Says:

  2. D Says:

    Yes, i feel a tad soiled, thank you, just what I needed.

  3. Zoetica Says:

    Great, now I had to read that, too. It passed me by during my initial perusal of the site. So thank you, actually!

  4. paul blume Says:

    I wonder, does Richard Calder — author of the brilliant “Dead Girls”, “Dead Boys” and “Dead Things” trilogy — know about this?
    If so, I’ll wager he approves.

  5. Mer Says:

    Z, you’ve seen this, right?

  6. Zoetica Says:

    Mer, regretfully not yet – it’s on the list! Fellini, as usual, demonstrates his talent for making everything filthy and simultaneously repulsively hot.

  7. Tequila Says:

    Ah living mannequins…granted I would hassle them endlessly as a kid but I’m still impressed with their ability to look so dead they’re alive.

    A bit hard for me to see the difference between them and a doll though…they just feel like a more realistic one. Every house should have one though…if only to dress up and perform rituals around. :D

  8. Sam Says:

    I wouldn’t mind a mannequin myself, if only to dress it up or lay out my clothes on for the next day… though I’d probably become annoyed that it looked better in said clothes than me. ^^

    As it is I have a penchant for dolls (I owned many porcelain dolls as a child, and a doll’s house) and more recently I collect BJDs, which are the most realistic and un-frightening I’ve found (the people around me might beg to differ, though). They’re actually quite popular amongst my friends who *don’t* collect dolls but still rather unnerving, I’m sure the reactions to me getting a mannequin would be that of horror.


  9. Leem Says:

    Your link doesn’t go to the site’s front page.

  10. Zoetica Says:

    Leem – thanks!

    Tequila – ..rituals, mm?

    Sam – yes, if i had more space I’d have a nude one around just to drape things over in addition to the dressed up ones.

  11. meeks Says:

    i never knew photoshop could be so scary.

    i gave up at, “…and the only thing she could do, as a good daughter, was let herself be changed into an motionless object, a living mannequin, just to pay the doctors …”

  12. Me Says:

    Gothic Lolita has absolutely nothing to do with fetishes. Please, do your research next time.