What’s Zo Wearing? January 27, 2008

This is actually what most of my wardrobe looked like for a couple of years – tons of thin layered basics. Things got so dire that I actually had to make a “no more buying basics” rule, which I observe even now.

My friends and relatives seem to have suddenly noticed this shift [or they think I look particularly uncomfortable] because this year I’ve received soft, thin layer items from both my dear friend Lumi and my mom. To be honest, it’s really kind of nice.

Top and dress from Lumi by Social Awearness
Leggings from mom
Leg warmers from someplace downtown
Cherry Mary Jane platforms by Demonia
Socks from Japan

What’s Zo Wearing? is syndicated with permission from suicidegirls.com

8 Responses to “What’s Zo Wearing? January 27, 2008”

  1. Laura Gardner Says:

    I just love your style. If i ever go to Japan i will now most certainly be looking at their socks.

  2. mech_angel Says:

    Would have sent this to the suggestions, but it’s not a link, really. I was wondering if you guys had ever thought of, along the lines of this, doing a review of said clothes and accessories.

    I know I would have appreciated knowing, for example, that the Demonia boots I bought would fall apart irreparably in less than a year, before I plunked about a hundred-twenty-five down for them. I have searched, my Google-fu is pretty good, but I have yet to find a decent alt-fashion review site, especially one that takes durability and function into account alongside form. You can only look good as long as the stuff stays in one piece.

    Just an idea. :)

  3. Zoetica Says:

    Mech_angel – yes, great idea. I’ve been doing WZW for over a year now and am planning to expand it :) And actually yes, I have been thinking of doing something like what you mention!

    By the way, the only pair of Demonia boots to ever fall apart on me were the stacked Zack model – I’ve owned something like 10 pairs of them over the years in spite of this, because iI dug the simplicity of the design.

  4. catwalk_ghost Says:

    I will agree with mech_angel about the reviews idea. I personally order loads of stuff on-line, and would like to hear people’s opinions about particular clothing/footwear brands. It will also be interesting to see reviews of “alternative” fashion shows (like Skin Two Expo or London Edge in the UK) held in the States, just to know what’s going on in the alternative fashion industry;)

    About Demonia. I own about 5 pairs of different stuff from them (mainly creepers), but can’t complain on the quality. The only problematic pair I had were the transmuters, which fell apart in about half a year of wearing them almost every weekend to clubs.

  5. mech_angel Says:

    Zo: Woot! Can’t wait.

    I had These. The soles began to separate and fall off within months. I had them glued back on, no problem and a cheap solution that seemed to work for that, but a few more months later, the leather split between where the toe and the laces are attached together. I’m hard on shoes, though. I wore those to work, and in deep snow, and really, anywhere I could. ^_^;

  6. Icarus Says:

    You really suit reds and greens! I think it’s a combination which is hard for some people to pull off.

    I’ve tried one pair of Demonia shoes before, platform maryjanes, but they became very uncomfortable once I’d worn them in. This saddens me immensely.

  7. ShawnJDouglas Says:

    I love the reds used in this. Such a wonderful contrast to the gray and blue.

    As always the fashion makes the Lady and vice versa.

    Right on.


  8. Sam Says:

    I’m more often than not in the basic style, at least this season, because I have an office job and my clothes are either really out-there weird and fetishy or comfy and goth but simple. Although I mostly dress in blacks and greys so your look here’s not so samey as mine can be. I love the leg warmers.