What’s Zo Wearing? January 6, 2008

Mixing pinstripes and argyle, and I will not be stopped. A deep-rooted obsession with combining gray and eggplant is to blame. My bedroom is a variety of grays and eggplant/plum shades, the only non-black tattoos I have are deep violet, I’m an avid consumer of purple vegetables and so on. The big squishy eggplanty scarf you see here came from a street vendor in Venice and cost all of $10 unlike some of the popular versions which have peaked in popularity recently. These are often overpriced and worn in ways I cannot approve. (Example)

Moving on, however, let us talk of 3/4 length coats. Rather, let me sing praises to them, because there is just no better-looking fit. A good 3/4 length jacket makes one look taller and better-proportioned through the sheer magic of its construction. This is true for boys and girls alike, and believe me when I say that few visions are more dashing than a man in a pair of slim pants and a 3/4 length coat. Onward, to the rest of the photos!

Scarf: $10 streets of Venice
Jacket: Vintage H.Naoto Heaven
Dress: $29 Angel on Melrose
Socks, other socks & arm warmers: one of the sock shops in Tokyo
Boots: $50 on sale, Demonia
Bag: ugh, Black Peace Now, my favorite shop in Tokyo

13 Responses to “What’s Zo Wearing? January 6, 2008”

  1. Red Scharlach Says:

    Cute as a button.

  2. D Says:

    Stunning stuff. Agree on the 3/4, a pair of nudie jeans with that length jacket has been standard past could months.

  3. k paul blume Says:

    True about the coat!

  4. DJ Velveteen Says:

    Wearing skinny pants and my peacoat today in honor of this post.

  5. Zombina Says:

    Oh man, I want that scarf, it’s so cute!

  6. Grief Says:

    Dear me….Argyle never looked so flattering

  7. Tanya Says:

    Jealous of your bag. It is so perfect looking. Does it have many compartments and pockets inside?

  8. k paul blume Says:

    …mind you, long long coats that flap and flutter dashingly — like my astonishing brown ’70s leather — are even better!

  9. Libby Bulloff Says:

    Eggplant and charcoal are two of my favorites in tandem. You wear it well.

  10. Zoetica Says:

    LIbby, that makes me want to grill up some eggplants on a charcoal grill. You temptress!

    Paul Blume – pix plz.

    Tanya – the bag only has a few compartments inside, sadly. It would be much-improved if it were more like an antique doctor’s bag.

    Grief – Thanks!

    Zombina – I would be willing to bet there’s a similar scarf somewhere on Etsy.com.

    Velveteen – pix plz.

    D – where did you get your jacket? I’m sure our male readers would like some tips!

    Red Scharlach – Thank you!

  11. Sam Says:

    Gosh, I love the jacket. I’ve been looking for something similar. I totally agree, also – my old coat was ankle length and very nice but the latest coats I’ve indulged in (autumn and winter) are both three-quarter-lengths and make me feel much more… chic, I think is the word. My boyfriend has the most amazing three-quarter jacket (which is actually a ladies’ item!) and looks even more dashing for it.

    I’m quite fond of the scarf too, I have seen lots of people in my vicinity wearing those kind of scarves but they don’t wear them so well (trendoids wearing every colour and trend simultaneously)

    I commend the grey as well because I’m loving grey at the moment, it’s a subtle but refreshing change from all my blacks (though black and grey’s a favourite of mine too).


  12. dave Says:

    I dont know if anyone will get this but I need to find a 3/4 length coat and can find no place to get one. can anyone please help and reccomend a website thanks

  13. Drew Perow Says:

    waoooowww … like thiss