Das Uberbambi, JA!

Now this is über.

The taxidermist/sculptor behind this piece, sovaldi Lisa Black, has also created a wind-up baby crocodile with working gears. I want one as a pet! [By way of Warren Ellis and Porphyre]

10 Responses to “Das Uberbambi, JA!”

  1. Zoetica Says:

    The croc is my favorite!

    Wish the mechanical parts were more functional, though. I’d like to see these babies walk – they’d make fine extras in that DAF video!

  2. Alysa Says:

    I wish I had a dog like that!

  3. James Shearhart Says:

    Brilliant stuff. Taxidermy and Makita, who would have thought….

    Lasers. And LEDs. And rotating blades. That’s what it needs….

  4. Encaitare Says:

    We are the Deer Borg. Resistance is adorable.

  5. Skerror Says:

    “Lasers. And LEDs. And rotating blades. That’s what it needs….”

    Maybe that’s not too far off. Mark Pauline from SRL started out building stuff like this. I think he had function in mind whereas Lisa Black goes for aesthetics…and hot damn what a fine job she does!

    I wish the croc walked as well. Though it would be fun to have it on your coffee table and tell people, “Why don’t you wind up that dead crocodile and see what happens.” They’d get all nervous expecting it to come to life :D

  6. Ben Morris Says:

    Semi-Maschine-Bambi ist hervorragend, ja. Die anderen Tiere sind auch toll.

  7. Jerem Morrow Says:


  8. Erin Says:

    Those creations are awesome. For some reason they remind me of some of the custom My Little Ponies I’ve seen like on this site:
    Probably because they have a borg pony that looks similar. ^_^

  9. foxtongue Says:

    I suspect her work is going to influence my taxidermy in the long run. There’s no way that sort of aesthetic isn’t going to eventually bleed in.

    Thanks for the credit!

  10. Tequila Says:

    Bambi meets The Terminator…gotta love that! A wonderfully imaginative door has been opened here. The only thing I can think of remotely similar are designs I’ve seen for assorted Japanese Anime and Manga series. However there you have more of a robotic and machine looking animal than an animal with machine parts.

    I can’t be alone in thinking somewhere such experiments are going on that mesh animals and machines into living versions of the above.