The exemplary Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci’s been an icon of dark beauty ever since the Adams Family movie. She’s played quirky and odd her entire life, her doll-like face and dark hair the epitome of spooky charm. Despite widely publicized body issues of her past and being just over five feet tall, Christina is a wonderful and versatile model.

She seems to have finally gotten comfortable in her skin and in addition to a resurge in acting has been a subject of countless photo shoots, some of which are credited today over at foto decadent.

Christina has embraced her height, and even thinks it could one day help her play a spy. She says in her latest interview “I always figured I would be the one they send through the air vent if something happened. You know: ‘Can fit in small places'”.

Indeed, the world needs more tiny, round-headed fawns like Ricci. I love the way she radiates this colossal confidence, especially knowing that it hasn’t come easy. Together with some great photographers Cristina Ricci has created some sensual, strange and beautiful images – my favorites are showcased beyond the jump.

16 Responses to “The exemplary Christina Ricci”

  1. Lem Says:

    They’re all gorgeous photos, and she carries it off well.

    I suppose it’s time to get working on that Shrine again…

  2. lizzelizzel Says:

    If I were to have a threesome with two celebs, it would be a sexy mini a trois with Christina and Reese Witherspoon, if they’d have me of course :sigh:

  3. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Gah. Gah. Gah. All kinds o’ crushin on her, I’ve done over ze years.

  4. Alysa Says:

    I love her. Yay for more fabulous short ladies!!!

  5. ampersandpilcrow Says:

    Very beautiful. She’s long been a favorite actress of mine.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always thought she was born to play Joan of Arc.

  6. Io Says:

    Ugh, so fucking stunning…and do-able. Her body looks so amazing now that she put back on just a little more weight.

  7. Zoetica Says:

    Io – I’m with you on that. No woman looks good severely underweight and she was no exception. Her curves are stunning and I love how she looks a little muscular in some of these!

    Ampersand – I’d love to see her in that role.

    Liz – I do not share your Witherspoon love, but I’m generally indifferent toward blond women, unless we’re talking platinum. The Ricci photo by the pool, though? Rah!

    Lem – we need shrine pictures, please.

  8. the daniel Says:

    I used to not really like or ‘get’ ricci, but lately I’ve come around. This post pulls me the rest of the way around – though since short and round-headed is my type already, I suppose I didn’t need too much pulling.

  9. Skerror Says:

    Hehe…I remember calling Christina Ricci “Darth Vader” on that “But I’m a Cheerleader” blog y’all did recently.

    She’d fit right in with your list of alien beauties. I still want to see her in a proper Edward Goreyish film (Sleepy Hollow, Adams Family are close I know). Them’s some hot photos, so maybe they can make it a steamy Edward Goreyish film.

  10. filwinn Says:

    see and i was wondering all this time what the hell happened with her :-)

  11. Tequila Says:

    She’s an easy one to crush on and it was sad to see her go through that difficult time a while back…really hurt her way beyond looks…acting suffered severely. She seems ready to really take hold of her unique beauty and talent on screen beyond the indie scene and Hollywood mainstream.

    For all the stink made about her unique beauty much is forgotten about how approachable she can be on screen. It’s a bit like what actors have in Tim Burton films…no matter how weird things get you understand the characters and in her case…she’s easy to “get” when she’s not trying to be what she’s not. One needs only see how well she pulled it off as a child star becoming a teen in Casper and her slew of indie work and while I didn’t enjoy Monster she was a hook to keeping things human in that picture. She was also hilarious on Ally McBeal…quite the versatile lady who’s latest film looks as charming as it is funny.

  12. Mark Says:

    She’s a Gashlycrumb Tiny, every inch (and there are what, like 36 of them? ;P) of the way. Hooray for ‘Stina…don’t you just know she’d be utterly fab to get drunk with?

  13. Shay Says:


  14. tDIYm Says:


  15. Skerror Says:

    @Mark…”She’s a Gashlycrumb Tiny, every inch (and there are what, like 36 of them? ;P) of the way.”

    It’s a good thing Edward Gorey spoke English…can you imagine him having to make a Gashlycrumb Tiny for every Chinese ideogram? That book would get biblical…

  16. Mark Says:

    @ Skerror – haha, just thinking about made me chuckle, cheers! In the post, I had actually been referring to the 36 or so inches that make up Ricci’s height…but yay for serendipitous crossed wires! ;)