Antiseptic’s Carapacial Corsetry

Venus Wept: “Justice is blind and, apparently, naked.”

Antiseptic is relatively new, and over the past year I’ve watched their designs get more and more complex. Their riveted leather corsets look aggressive by themselves, but when coupled with Venus Wept Photography’s hyper lighting, the augmented sharp edges and textures show you something even more dangerous and pleasurably painful-to-wear. A stylistic joyride that weaves through 80s dystopia chic, medieval armor, medical fan lacing and many other real and imaginary places from different times, the designs owe a debt to alt-fashion predecessors AMF and Mother of London, with Antiseptic’s designers on a fast track to a voice that’s completely their own.

The San Francisco-based duo behind Antiseptic doesn’t seem to be interested in commercial manufacture, and focuses on showing off their designs on runways and in elaborate fashion shoots. Most recently, they staged a fashion show the San Francisco Fetish Ball that brought together some of my favorite models for the first time.

Models, clockwise: Alex LaMarsh, Scar13, Eden and Kumi.

9 Responses to “Antiseptic’s Carapacial Corsetry”

  1. Milly von Hilly Says:

    Antiseptic continue to validate my love of alternative fashion over high fashion. They think outside the box, and clearly have their own, unique direction.

    Watching them grow over the past year has been really exciting, and it’s been a privilege to have my work serve inspiration for some of their pieces.

  2. slurketta Says:

    I’m so crushing on Antiseptic right now!
    I loved everything they had at the SF Fetish Ball, and I made a drawing of Perish and Eden at Club Enslaved:
    (he said, just make my butt look good- as if I could make it look bad!)

  3. Jon Munger Says:


    That is all.

  4. Nadya Says:

    slurketta: Your drawings from that night are awesome and remind me of Nadya Rusheva.

  5. Lady Julianne le Fay Says:

    Oh wow. Fantastic.

  6. slurkgirl Says:

    Thank you, Nadya!
    And thank you so much for turning me on to yet another amazing artist- Nadya Rusheva is fantastic!
    I learn about so many deliciously wrong artists from you- I can’t believe I didn’t know about Franz Von Bayros before. Now he is my Fetish Artist Role Model!

  7. Jerem Morrow Says:

    LOVE ’em.

  8. André M - photography Says:

    Great stuff!

  9. tyhiliet (eric) Says:

    omg corsets!!!
    dame it why was i not born a girl.
    but seriously
    i would love to have the white one !