Ground Control alt-karaoke

We had a few requests recently for a favorite spots in LA post, prompted by the sad departure of cafe Nova Express. Here’s one for your Monday nights, especially good for those who simply refuse to believe the weekend has to end somehow.

Held downstairs at Catch One – the same place as LA’s top industrial club Das Bunker, Ground Control‘s song books list music by your favorite alternative artists, including Kraftwerk as you can see above. Industrial, goth, metal, indie, 80s and more are all here in a friendly boozy atmosphere.

It doesn’t get crowded, people are genuinely nice and no one is afraid to make a complete arse of themselves, as I personally proved last night at the pajama party. And for those curious about what one wears to a pajama party held at a bar there are two options – sexy or hilarious, as modeled by me and my lovely roommate. So yes – check out Ground Control – it’s fun, even if you don’t sing.

10 Responses to “Ground Control alt-karaoke”

  1. Mark Says:

    Consider it on The List. (I trust the ‘LOL ANUS’ brand of friendliness extends to wandering Swedish Mancunians, naturally.)

    Ps, if nobody commandeered the mic to yell ‘this is Ground Control to Major Zo – your socks have really moo-d the grade, and the papers want to know whose shirts you wear!’, then they missed out.

    Although in retrospect it’s possible that they would’ve been thrown out, for a) being quite obviously hammered and b) attempting to bum rush the show.

  2. Vee Says:


  3. Zoetica Says:

    Mark, that comment was so full of funny that my chair nearly escaped. Good work!

    Vee, I think we’re going to have to repeat that “Sweet Transvestite” adventure.
    Though I’m not sure I’ll be able to hump the mic stand quite as vigorously on a non-pajama night.

  4. Tequila Says:

    Oh man…those socks! Too perfect. Great outfit.

    This sounds fun, though I fear I’d grow to comfortable in my robe and pass out in a corner. Though it would be fun to sing some Kraftwerk to living people as opposed to my unappreciative neighbors as I shower.

    Also the lady Vee is looking unendingly gorgeous as always…

  5. Zoetica Says:

    Tequila – I’m sure your neighbors like it, deep down.

  6. Tequila Says:

    @Zo – Well I’m sure the pounding on the wall means “Encore!” then!

    So I gotta know…what was the best song of the evening and what song would you like to perform next? Cause if we can vote on it I guarantee it’ll be a crowd pleaser.

  7. Zoetica Says:

    Tequila, it’s shameful, really. You see, until last night I had sang in private booths around Tokyo, in the company of only Daniel, usually blitzed out of my mind. So last night was my very first time doing it in front of a crowd and I sang “Sweet Transvestite” with Vee as a sort of duet. It took about an hour and two gins and tonics to get me in the mood and I’m not ready to start taking requests, yet.

  8. Brock McCoy Says:

    Zhanks for humoring our request! And that garb, Zo… awesome.

  9. The Angelus Says:


    Thanx for the sweet words, and the sweeter ‘jamas. Wailing goodness on the #2 mic for Sweet Transvestite, darlin’. That song isn’t supposed to be THAT kind of sexy! :-P

    We’ll have to make sure people watch the live video stream next time you’re at GC….


  10. Udo Carl Says: