I’ve recently come across the flickr stream of Hairport – an aptly-named hair salong in Lisbon, Portugal. Since then I’ve wondered, daily, why more people don’t look like this. It’s 2008! The proverbial Future. Why are there not more artistically shorn heads in the world? One thing I notice about these photos is that not everyone’s a teenager – many Hairport clients and employees are established artists, designers and writers in their 30s. We all know it will grow back should we hate it, yes? Why not embrace the endless possibilities instead of the usual trims, streaks and loose layers! Looking at these pictures makes me downright giddy as I envision a world where one couldn’t be hindered by their hairstyle choices, no matter their profession. Perhaps a trip to Lisbon is in order.

14 Responses to “Hairport”

  1. foxtongue Says:

    I shaved a labyrinth into someone’s head once. Bloody satisfying it was too.

  2. the daniel Says:

    I don’t think “established artists, designers and writers in their 30s” are generally hindered by their hairstyle choices. :) I would like to imagine that these people all have bland boring office jobs, and no one blinks at their ‘do.

  3. Zoetica Says:

    the D, That’s exactly what I’m saying, yes! Time to send my mom to these people.

    Foxtongue, excellent! I hope you took pictures.

  4. foxtongue Says:

    I did, but with his camera, and the blasted bugger never sent me a shot. Looked good, though. Apparently it helped him pick up a theology student in a bar once, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s just hearsay.

  5. Zoetica Says:

    Ha, you know, I bet it’s true. Hair advice I gave someone 6 years ago helped him get the girl he’s with to this very day!

  6. pinkdeviant Says:


  7. Mark Says:

    Ooh, this is so up my street at the moment – see, I’ll be doing a DIY chop job on mine in the next 24 hours, because right now it’s not exactly practical for 17 days in the Arctic Circle. Which is where I’ll be in 36 hours. I have to hack it into a less ozone-shredding/potentially freezable affair, and I have 3 weeks away from w*rk, so I can basically make it as batshit mental as I want – it just has to be vaguely manageable. If any of the jaw-dislocatingly sexified Coilhouse massive have a suggestion for the Haircut Most Likely To Really Irritate A Polar Bear, i’ll damn well do it, me ol’ chinas.

  8. nomfaux Says:

    YES. Showing this to my new hairdresser, ASAP. Time to rise against the blahbobs!

  9. Jon Munger Says:

    I used to have a pair of superimposed ‘X’s shaved into the back of my head. I went to visit my folks in North Carolina and got a unified raised eyebrow from the entire state (which I’m sort of used to).
    Turns into a pain in the ass to keep up with, though. Now I just have a widow’s peak taken to the pointiest level.

  10. mer Says:

    Pity all of this just doesn’t work if you are curly…

  11. Tequila Says:

    This has inspired me to get obscure occult symbols shaved into my head…maybe I’ll get lucky and it’ll turn into a portal for another dimension.

    Beautiful work in terms of making hair look like it’s moving and flowing while being still…some look like great brush strokes.

  12. celestyna Says:

    Love this! These styles are regular occurances in Detroit, ATL and Birmingham. Even in my fairly small metropolis of Huntsville, AL most newer barbershops turn out heads like these quite often. I don’t know of many that *only* do those styles, save one in the Conant garden district of Detroit where my auntie lives. The last visit to my little sister in DC at a go-go show there were more colorful, chopped, deco-engraved, future-forward hair than i’ve ever seen dare grace any recent art or punk scene.

    Neofuturism has been the driving style in larger metropolitan area black urban salons for a few years now. I attend an historically black university, and in our promenade there are tear-off ads for more than a few students that do severely artistic shape-ups, symmetrics and fades. Two or so years ago, someone must have made Escher a popular subject because his works have been buzzed upon a lot of heads down here lately. Though I’ve seen many-a-folks with naturally straight hair go to black barber shoppes to get fades and chops like these, it’s good to know that styles like these are spreading worldwide. If folks need more inspiration, I’d encourage anyone to pick up Style Q mag’s short hair edition or men’s hair edition at their local beauty supply for a neverending supply of ideas in this vein.

  13. Libby Says:

    This makes me sublimely happy.

  14. Inês Zózimo - Hairport Says:

    It does work on curly air Mer, the cuts just have to be more extreme so you can notice the differences. there are amazing things to do with curls. spread the word for all the curlies in the world :)