New! Coilhouse Poster

People of Coilhouse! I come to you this day with news of art. Yes, the very first Coilhouse poster is here.

Hand drawn by yours truly, it features an exotic beauty – corseted, headphoned, jetpacked and ready for adventure. Formatted to be printed at 11×17″ she is available for free download here.

Print one, print one hundred, shrink it, pass it out as fliers or stick it full-size to the side of a train – the more you do with it, the better. All we ask is when you do to take a photo and add it to the Coilhouse Flickr pool, even if it’s just hanging in your kitchen. I’ll be under the cover of night, hooded up and armed with a bucket of glue. Photo-documentation to come. Hope you dig it!

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24 Responses to “New! Coilhouse Poster”

  1. Vivacious G Says:

    Mine! Thanks!

  2. Skerror Says:

    Nice job! This gonna be fun…

  3. whoo Says:

    VERY nice theme :)

  4. DJ Velveteen Says:

    Soon as this becomes a vinyl sticker, it’s going on one of my turntable cases.

  5. Zoetica Says:

    All in good time, Velveteen. All in good time.

  6. gooby Says:

    Maybe I’ll wait for you guys to make them into those licky tattoos, THEN its camera time!

  7. Zoetica Says:

    Gooby, you are so welcome to make a licky tattoo! Do it!

  8. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Sir, yes Sir!

  9. Nadya Says:

    I am going to look into manufacturing stickers and licky tattoos. I hadn’t thought of the latter!

  10. Alice Says:

    I hope the next step after licky tattoos is packaging said licky tattoos with bubble gum for children to find…

  11. Olivia Says:

    Neat! I wonder how it looks on red paper…

  12. nixie Says:

    Love it! It’s my new desktop background.

  13. bullock Says:

    Should I edit the website URL into it somewhere before I put it up? Or is it meant to be mysterious?

  14. Milly von Hilly Says:

    I love her expression. It’s like ‘I’m uber and that’s OK!’

    Rock on, Zo. Awesome.

  15. Zoetica Says:

    Thanks, Mil – uber and with rockets to back it up, yo!

  16. James Shearhart Says:

    Must place image on 24oz coffee mugs. And 2-pint beer glasses. And cistern-sized wine goblets….

  17. Tequila Says:

    It has everything I like and it’s in B&W…so much praise to the Lady Zo for this!

    Outside of the basics like a t-shirt this would make a really cool tattoo…someone contact that zombie dude, I’m sure he has space SOMEWHERE for this.

    If anyone plans to make stickers, shirts, or anything cool…do post ahead of time. May be able to pool some resources…or place orders :P

    I second the question bullock had…do we sneak in the URL or leave it mysterious?

  18. Zoetica Says:

    Everyone – I was uncertain about including the URL but eventually decided to leave it out of this one. You’re welcome to include it if you prefer – it’s totally up to you.

    I think it works both as a straight-forward advert or a thing that makes you go “hmm!” and google.

  19. jealousjapan Says:

    Guess who just got nabbed running off copies in 4 x6 mode on the office printer?
    I turned and said, “The future is here.” (blank stare)
    I am back at my desk now.

  20. Zoetica Says:

    @Jealous Japan: I wish I had video of that. Pictures, we must have pictures!

  21. Paul Komoda Says:

    Love her!
    I think we need an official CH vinyl toy soon.

  22. Dovme Says:

    I liked your theme colors. How did you get it? Btw i read all your post. Well done.

  23. Julia Says:


  24. Rachel Haywire Says:

    Sweet! Expect mad pictures soon.