Sorayama-like Bots from Car Parts

Sculptor Gregory Brotherton (aka Brotron) resurrects the scrap metal of old cars as new creatures inspired by mythology, pop culture and science fiction. The sculptures on his website include a minotaur, several sci-fi rayguns that remind me of Weta’s fine creations, and slightly lumbering but nevertheless Sorayama-like statue of Eris, goddess of Discord (who’s worshiped by many CH readers, I’m sure). There’s something sexy and elegant about these; they look like they could be villains in a 1930s pulp novel that takes place in the future. Thank you to Ashbet for the tip on this one!

7 Responses to “Sorayama-like Bots from Car Parts”

  1. el Says:

    i love the contours of the separate pieces of metal, and the roughness of the weld points. this is pretty great stuff.

  2. chaoflux Says:


  3. Ashbet Says:

    *tips hat* My pleasure!

    This guy is fantastically talented, I would love to see these pieces in person!

  4. Jerem Morrow Says:

    HELLoooooooooo nurse!

  5. Elusive Says:

    Nice headlights *wry smile*

  6. tymcode Says:

    This causes the same strange stirrings inspired by the robot in Metropolis.

  7. American Car Parts Says:

    amazing art, not the everyday scuplting.