Where’s Mer, Part II

Nils Frykdahl, ask Dawn McCarthy, viagra Kirana Peyton and Meredith Yayanos.

Our dear Mer is a bit of a nomad, view which causes her to sometimes disappear and come back with new stories to tell. Last time she got swept away to tour Europe, she brought back bone-chilling photos of the Tyrolean Towel Rack of Imminent Doom. This time, we may see some weird relics of Americana, for Mer is headed North to bring the music of Faun Fables to Oregon, Washington and Utah. If you’re in Albany, Seattle, Portland, Olympia, Spokane (hometown concert!) or Salt Lake City, mark the dates on your calendar and come see a spectacle of songtelling unfold.

In a brief conversation before taking off, Mer told me that Faun Fables has just finished up a new record as well as an EP, and that a video is in the works.

10 Responses to “Where’s Mer, Part II”

  1. Ben Morris Says:

    Faun Fables are so fucking great, Nils and Dawn are two of the best vocalists around. Now if only FF would tour somewhere vaguely east coast where I might perhaps see ’em.

    This clip of Faun Fables on an Israeli talk show is really wonderful, the host’s interaction with the band is both perplexing and hilarious, and Nils once again proves how great he is at extemporaneous wit in response to just about anything. Also, the host’s clapping and ‘HA!’s get me every time (the song is great too!).

  2. Skerror Says:

    That Albany show sounds like mad fun. Sheeeit…it just HAS to be happening exactly when I’m going to be knee-deep in the Obama rally in Eugene doesn’t it? Well, should I happen to get kicked out for some odd reason…Faun Fables will be just a little ways up the road :D

    Oh there’s gotta be a weird relic to come outta Albany…

  3. Jerem Morrow Says:

    GUTE! Was fearing her leaving had some negative connotation.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    they’re fantastic live. I saw them open for Rasputina several years ago back in la. they’re so close to san fran….they should play here too!

  5. mildred Says:


  6. Tequila Says:

    Not quite the theory I had about Mer secretly raising an army of unholy terror but this is good!

    Hopefully an L.A. show is in the future…

  7. Lauren Says:

    I bet you Mer knows I love this entry.

    I iz a Faun Fables geek.

  8. gooby Says:

    Oh, her army of unholy terror is still in the works, nearly done, this music/ touring thing is as much effort as wiggling a pinky finger to one such as her.

  9. Peter S. Says:

    Aaaaand she and the band kicked much ass in Portland.

    By the way…niiice bonnet, ma’am.

    A few mediocre photos documenting the festivities:

  10. Wayne Says: