Zombie Speaks to the Press

Photos by Veronica Brak

My parents complained the other day because they actually visited the blog and thought that Mr. Pearl was “a scary man.” Mom and dad, no. This is what a scary man looks like!

Readers may remember the face above from BoingBoing, November 2007. Turns out his name is Zombie and that since his last appearance on the web, he’s gotten even more decrepit flesh inked into his dermis, including an exposed brain at the top of his skull. For the first time ever, he speaks! Here are some choice bites from a hilarious interview with BME:

BME: You’re kind of an internet celebrity — what do you think about it?
Zombie: Not much, I don’t even own a computer. So fuck you assholes.

BME: Facial tattoos are a big step from “regular” tattoo placement. How long had you thought it through before you started your facial tattoos?
Zombie: Never really had to think about it… I’ve been white trash my whole life…

BME: Are you single?
Zombie: Yes… Very single… I’m not very dependable… Girls cut into beer time.

BME: What did you family think about your transformation?
Zombie: My mom told me, “You started it, you better finish it.”


His mom’s right. Also, I think he’s kinda cute! Ladies, what say you?

Big thanks to clockorange for the tip.

BME Interview with Zombie

19 Responses to “Zombie Speaks to the Press”

  1. mildred Says:

    What a charmer.

    If he shares his beer, we might have found ourselves a winner.

  2. Jon Munger Says:

    “Yo, wazzup all you sexy peeps. My name is Zombie, raised in the baddest park in the maddest city. VIGER PUNX! MONTREAL. POP! POP! Props to viger kids, bleury crew, CRIMES, PBW crew… And all you vandal thug motherfuckers all over the place… And BMEzine… All you crazys…”

    That pretty much says it all. Love the ink, though.

  3. Arioch Says:

    cute, maybe. But he’s a boy. lessee what he’s like in ten years.

    Not a very interesting article. I would say it’s not a good sign when your outside SEEMS more interesting than anything turning out from within.

    I like full body tattoos, I think his are done very nicely.But that’s where my inquisitiveness ends.

    i think it’s funny that he’s 22 and that’s the the theme he wants for the rest of his life. Absolutely. Only zombies. what if he decides zombies are a pile of wank when he’s 35 and gets all hot for amoebas or the Jackson 5 or Vikings? Tsk.

  4. James Shearhart Says:

    “After my body suit I wanna start getting like Frankenstein bolts around my brain, get my eyes tattooed black, sharpen my teeth and shit like that.”

    I dunno, all I can think of is ten-fifteen years from now, assuming his sparkling personality doesn’t get him killed to death somehow, all those pretty pictures will be distorted beyond recognition by beer bloat and galloping age accelerated by chain smoking and poor hygiene….

  5. Ashbet Says:

    He *is* cute!

    And wow. Those are some BAD-ASS tattoos. Kitty likes!

  6. Nadya Says:

    It was an interesting interview to me, just because I thought it was so honest and funny. He’s all like, “yeah I’m 22 and white trash and drink beer and have no steady job, what are you going to do about it?” Usually, interviews with individuals that commit to this level of body modification tend to get pretty cerebral (I mean, look at Mr. Pearl). Plenty of dumb people get tattoos but there’s a certain threshold of body modification that only seems to get reached either by completely insane people or people with really developed personal convictions that lead them to change themselves. What I find interesting is the unexpected type of character here.

  7. Camilla Taylor Says:

    How the hell did he pay for all of that on a salary made by hanging posters?

  8. Sarah Les Pantyhose Says:

    This guy lives in my city.

    He IS cute.

    He’s also hilarious, even if it doesn’t quite translate to the internet.

  9. Tequila Says:

    @ Arioch …now now…Zombies are a life long love! They are as frivolous and as deep as any subject. ;) More importantly though he’s 22…and having fun with his image in a way few ever achieve. So one has to love the guy for that…and at 22 did any of us think of 35?

    From the design though…this guy is clearly more than the sum of his jokes. It’s beautifully executed…if he was to prattle on about it on some philosophical or intellectual level it’d have ruined it all. The work really does speak volumes in this case…

    I’m a bit surprised by the “ten or fifteen years from now…” comments. One shouldn’t be so bold to write him off as a making a mistake with his body…have we not all seen the dull flesh of many a 35 year old? or what of the plastic surgery so many get that is far more silly than tattoo’s can ever be? At what age would this have been a good choice to make?

    Plus as the last two years have shown me…the length of our lives is not guaranteed. May as well have fun with it while we have it no?

  10. Arioch Says:

    LOL, dull flesh of 35?? So, what about 33? Mommy!

    He’s young. He reminds me of gutterpunks I used to know 15 years ago.They had all sorts of designs on their faces and made statements so close to his it’s nostalgic! He needs to season. Hence the reason I dont find him to be that amazing right now.

    Body Mods are all about the deep meaning now a days. Which is why I dont read things like BMZ etc. I also never alluded to, nor stated outright that I think he should have waited with his tattoos. I really dont care what he does to his skin. I dont care about his tattoos fifteen years from now.

    What makes me laugh is the theme. I loved vampires around 22, and to think of myself fully tattooed as one makes me lol and lol. It’s just one of those things, perhaps from being old :D

    I know a lot of truly odd people. People who are dangerously not right in the head. He just doesnt strike me as one.

    Viva la difference.

  11. mildred Says:

    @ Tequila: You make a very good point: He’ll have this on him forever, but as the rest of us age he’ll remain the same. Not a bad investment at all, if that’s what you’re into.

    Regret is not an option in his case, so I doubt he’ll feel any substantial amount of it. Just as anything you do in life, sometimes your past is inescapable and you just have to get on with shit.

    He’s young, but at twenty-two he knows what he’s doing. He’ll always have a career as himself, if he wants it :)

  12. Io Says:

    Beautiful tats…but damn if he doesn’t remind me of the punks I used to hang out with back in the day (when I was 13/14 and had no sense).

    You know, the type that would get so PBR-drunk, they’d piss themselves then try to crawl across the ratty old couch sitting in the corner at a Decrepits show to try and make out with you ::shudders from the memories::

  13. sarcasm_101 Says:

    I agree with the idealists. He’s very unique and definitely will never regret his decisions now about is tattoos. ever.
    He cannot because he’s 22 and absolutely KNOWS what he’s doing and he most definitely knows who he is. We all did at 22 expecially when we did extreme things that effect our futures.

    People who point out detractions from his actions have no idea about anything and should understand that extreme body mods connote a different mind set that other 22 year olds will never have. Because he is anomalous to those cliches of age, anyone who says anything negative is a moron.

  14. Vivacious G Says:

    Nicely done ink. I’d have to talk to him in person and get to know him better to decide if he was cute.

    I would hate the attention that tattoos like that would bring but only because I’m an introvert.

  15. Winominx Says:

    I can’t wait until he’s old and haggard, with his bone tats hanging off his flesh in saggy folds.

    Does that thought turn you on?

    If so, I recommend you medicate yerself, just like any loving American.

  16. LittleBob Says:

    I would.

  17. Mr.Obvious Says:

    This man is as psychologically ruined as a person can get. Shame on people for thinking there’s a reason for his tattoos other than insanity.

    He will never come close to being a functional person in society. Period.

    No good job, no proper family, no respect given to him whatsoever.

    He’s simply screwed in the head. For those of you who give him the respect of an intellectual, check yourself, you too are probably screwed in the head.

  18. Archie P Says:

    I really like this kind of stuff, although I haven’t a piercing or tattoo to my name :] I think he’s very brave to do such a thing, and SERIOUSLY needs to form a band. Can you imagine having him as your frontman!? Awesome. Brilliantly done as well, the tattoo artist is very very good.

  19. axl Says:

    hey Winominx . . . are you saying you are turned on by “old and haggard, with his bone tats normal skin hanging off his flesh in saggy folds.

    tattoos or not, everyone will age.