Clothing that Looks Like Cake Icing: Drawing Edition


Too many good things going on in this picture not to post! A tea-colored composition of all my favorite fashion things: ruffs, rosettes, oriental-style hair, intricate sleeves and medical crosses, drawn by Christine. Hot! I must say that I’m not crazy about the striped stockings here. Maybe if they were transluscent and had that same tea color as the rest of the outfit, it would work better. As of now, they look like they were bought on Ebay, if that’s possible to tell from a drawing. Overall I find this picture delicious to look at, even though it might not be Christiane’s best work from a technical standpoint.

I would love to see the same fashion concepts executed as straight-up linework with a more fluid composition, along the lines of this amputastic masterpiece that Christiane completed in 2005:


5 Responses to “Clothing that Looks Like Cake Icing: Drawing Edition”

  1. Ulorin Vex Says:

    wow thanks so much for featuring me! :)

    I agree with your comments on the first one. I rush drawings, always. And I suck at colouring. I should have more patience.

    The red ink one, I honestly can’t see why people like! I’ve been tempted to take it off my deviantart so many times as it makes me cringe. lol

  2. slurkgirl Says:

    I love both these drawings! The sepia and black are so pretty, and the clothing design so yummy, plus the way the hairstyles reference both Japonisme-era geisha hair and Gibson Girl bouffants just slays me!
    And the red ink drawing is as Nadya pointed out a beautifully fluid composition with an awesome Beardleyesque graphic quality- plus, with the amputasticness!!!

  3. Vivacious G Says:

    You said it, Nadya, all the right things in the first drawing. (I sound like a sportscaster right there.) And how I love red. Really beautiful work to look at!

  4. stuntkid Says:

    long time fan of miss Vex’s work, great to see it featured!

  5. Rosettes Says:

    Oh I love Vex! Definitely does some great work!