Coilhouse Magazine Almost Done! Blog Offline ’til May

In just a few weeks, Issue 1 of Coilhouse Magazine goes off to the printers! We can’t believe that these final weeks are here already. To make sure that Issue 1 gets done properly, we are going to pause blogging until the end of this month. The next two weeks are going to be a completely grueling process for the entire staff as we proofread, color-correct, proofread again, finish the design, overdose on Jolt Cola, realize that we forgot something important at the last minute, panic, revise and finally send it off to the printer. Wish us luck. We can’t reveal the contents of Issue 1 just yet, but it’s going to be amazing. You just wait.

We’ll miss you guys in the next two weeks. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to watch our community bloom so much in such a brief span of time, and take part in the vibrant and inclusive discussions. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read and respond to the blog, and no worries, it’s not going anywhere! We love the immediacy and the camaraderie far too much. Everyone’s excited to bring in more new writers and features over the coming months. Still, it’s human nature to try for the brass ring.

See you in May!

EDIT: Actually, it’s highly likely we’ll see you before that. (Let’s face it. We’re not going to be able to keep radio silence for two full weeks!)

25 Responses to “Coilhouse Magazine Almost Done! Blog Offline ’til May”

  1. intrikate88 Says:

    Best of luck! I look forward to seeing the magazine when it comes out. The lit magazine I work for just went to the printers, and its so exciting to see all that hard work finally turning into something tangible. See you all in May, I’ll miss this blog!

  2. Erin Says:

    Good luck with everything! I’ll miss reading Coilhouse for a few weeks, but I’m excited to get my hands on that magazine!!

  3. Alice Says:

    NO COILHOUSE?? My first feelings of panic subsided only when I realized how very close May actually is! So now all I have to say is, I hope the magazine can be easily bought on-line, and I can’t wait to have my very own copy in my hot little hands! What a great birthday present….

  4. Jami Says:

    Good luck! I am so excited to see what the magazine looks like!

  5. Andrew M. Kelly Says:

    Hey, I work at an independent bookstore here in Boston,one that prides itself on a vast magazine selection, [something like 9 or 10 versions of vogue for example, I usually forget one or two.]

    I’ve been reading the blog for a long time and enjoy it tremendously so I’d like to find a way to get it stocked in our store. Do you guys have a distributor set up for the magazine? Will I be able to finagle via some intermediary a way to get the magazine onto the shelves in the store?

    (for the record, I’m not particularly empowered at my job but I’d love to see the magazine in print and on shelves locally so I can tell people about it and hopefully have them buy it in droves.) I realize all of this may not be finalized at this point. Magazine publishing seems a fairly finicky business from what little I know of it, one involving odd return policies and razor like margins. Thanks for the great blog and the soon to be awesome magazine.

  6. paul blume Says:

    Though I can’t help but think it a huge step backward, best of luck to you all.

  7. Nadya Says:

    Aww – thank you so much guys!

    Alice: The magazine will definitely be available on this website.

    Andrew: Thank you so much. We’re still choosing our distributor and I’d love to talk to you about the bookstore you work at in Boston. Emailing you soon!

    Paul: Fetishism is never a step backwards. Especially when paper texture is involved. Mmmm. I am going to go fondle a piece of vellum.

  8. Gala Says:

    Amazing! I’m so excited for you guys. I have my fingers crossed for you!

  9. chaoflux Says:

    Lemme know if you guys have any options available as far as advertising space in print. Esozone needs some.

    either way, I will certainly own issue #1.

  10. m1k3y Says:

    gosh, that sounds like a lotta hard work. good luck with all that!

  11. Jerem Morrow Says:

    I say it a lot recently, but…FUCKING! A!

  12. Destroyx Says:

    awesome news!! i’m excited!

    is it too late to buy some add space? i want to put one in.. and the photo features a rubber ruff.. so how can you resist? =)

    anyhow, seriously I would be sincerely interested in buying some add space, can you please let me know if it’s possible?

  13. Nadya Says:

    Andrew, DestroyX and everyone else who is interested in ad space: we just have a few spots left, yes! I will email you separately to discuss.

    If anyone is curious what kind of advertising Issue 1 will have: we’re really here to promote homegrown businesses as much as possible: alt fashion labels, comic book publishers, music labels, art galleries, etc.

    If anyone is interested, please write to me at [email protected] and cc [email protected]. Thank you!

  14. Mer Says:

    Paul, I’m honestly curious to hear more on why you think it’s a huge step backwards. Keep in mind we’re not abandoning the blog, by any means. In fact, we’ll be expanding it once we finish the print layout.

  15. traumata Says:

    Can’t wait to see it! Good luck guys x

  16. Tanya Says:

    Good luck, girls. Remember, when your inky fingers need a break, the best way to unwind is by making finger puppets. Also, please document any and all sleep-deprived/caffeine-induced spontaneous insanity on Video. This all reminds me of college cram sessions, except instead of Jolt it was Red Bulls & espresso shots.

    PS: Mer, save me a copy. I’ll pay you in cashola when I kidnap you for Burmese food when I move in May.

  17. Mark Says:

    Excellent news.

    Quite apart from our collective paper fetishism – probably the most important reason in the ‘pros’ column, let’s face it! – having an actual physical product out there will make a world of difference in terms of Coilhouse’s perceived ‘status’, for want of a better word (and let me be the first to say that I know it’s not being done for ‘status’ in that sense!).

    Virtual zines are brilliant, and the real world is a much better place for them, but the chasm between the virtual and real worlds when it comes to something like this is yawning and scary. It takes brains and guts and a great deal of effort to span, and there’s a reason for that. I’m utterly convinced that you guys will do it with grace, poise, and Tarzan ropes knotted from the writhing viscera of your enemies. Hooray!

    Last but not least, a physical product will be a lovely and fully deserved reward for the effort Nadya, Zo, Mer, Milly et al put into this blog. Cheers all – really looking forward to the unstoppable advance of the Coilhouse armada in all its various forms.

  18. Skerror Says:


  19. the daniel Says:

    My days will be a little darker without CH sprinkled through my RSS reader, but it will be oh so worth it to have the physical product.

  20. Laura Gardner Says:

    Will it be available to me in England? I hope you will post it everywhere :)
    Good luck, hope all goes well.

  21. Dayna Desastre Says:

    HELL YES!!!
    I’m really damn excited!
    -does a lil’ happy dance-

  22. Vivacious G Says:

    So excited! Really happy for you guys!!!

  23. Jessica Says:

    How I will miss my daily fix…but OH MY, I can’t wait to rub the creamy & glossy pages of the new & fancy printed Coilhouse! Mmmm-mmmmmm! Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

  24. tDIYm Says:

    I have my “economic stimulus payment check” and I’m ready to subscribe :D !

  25. ChuckM Says:

    I like things that are printed.