Fox News: Steampunk is “Trenchcoat Mafia for Adults”

Hot on the heels of its coverage of Anonymous and its commentary on Suicide Girls, Fox News goes where only mainstream news outlets the Boston Globe and Newsweek have gone before – coverage what they call the “SteamPunk Underground.” This morning, Fox made associations between steampunk and Columbine, describing the burgeoning movement as a “trenchcoat mafia for adults.” Concerns were raised by a team of “analysts” about the disturbing elements of steampunk fashion (rayguns, gas masks) and Steampunk Magazine’s unpatriotic attack on the TSA. Watch the clip below:

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35 Responses to “Fox News: Steampunk is “Trenchcoat Mafia for Adults””

  1. the daniel Says:

    Wow, just when i thought Fox News couldn’t get any lower. The comment around 1:45 really pissed me off.

  2. mildred Says:

    This is all Marilyn Manson’s fault. Again.

  3. Beetleginny Says:

    ugh. when will fox news leave the interweb alone.

  4. Jerem Morrow Says:

    You bastards. Got me. Heh.

  5. cappy Says:

    HURRR thanks.

  6. Shay Says:

    Haha, nice one guvnah.

    (though it’s April 2nd here, and has been for quite a while, I will accept my foolery)

  7. Ben Morris Says:

    My favorite (and by favorite I mean most absurd) part was when the shitty shill of a sociologist they interviewed claimed that the Victorian-period-esque aspects of steampunk were probably a targeted satirical attack on conservative culture and values.

  8. Brad... Says:

    Well played.

  9. geraldine Says:

    DARNIT! i was fooled.

    at least this reminded me to fool my friends today :D

  10. Robot_Gal Says:

    …..The hell? I mean, what is it with these people and counter culture? Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. We don’t understand it, so let’s make up random garbage to make it look bad.

  11. Tequila Says:

    It’s about time light was shed on these dangerous individuals…look at em all in their smug attire and dangerous ideas about “Science”. Not only are they always dusty and into that “old soundy music” but all they do…ever do really…is sit around drinking, engaging in conversations about topics other than American Idol and the latest TMZ gossip, and worst of all not holding racial and social class against people. Is that the world we want?! I think not.

    Thank you Fox for being ever vigilant in these dangerous times and for being the beacon in the WAR ON FREEDOM.

    Someone send this link to the bobble headed Glenn Beck!

  12. Libby Bulloff Says:

    Yay, I’m a terrorist! Again! Let’s have another cocktail!

  13. Dovanna Says:

    I can’t even bring myself to watch the clip. >.< The descriptions and comments alone make me furious!

  14. Jon Munger Says:

    How does Fox News always find the most incoherent jackass to be the proponent of whatever they’re picking on? Sergeant-Major Jesephian Cogspat? Really?

    I bet that guy isn’t a Sergeant-Major at all.

  15. David Forbes Says:

    Well I know who’s getting the first liberal (heh) helping of airship-mounted deathray

  16. Damien Says:

    The video clip is astonishing.

  17. Ornith Says:

    WOOHOO! I pissed off the Fox News fearmongers! Always a sign you’re doing something right.

  18. Wonderer Says:

    Hopefully this is a 1. of April joke…

  19. Alice Says:

    Hot DAMN I can’t wait to get out of work so I can actually watch this thang and be righteously outraged.

  20. elvee Says:

    Infuriating as it may be, you really must click on the video clip. It kind of puts it all in perspective.

  21. paul blume Says:

    nicely played

  22. widderslainte Says:

    Damn, and here I was scared of bad victorian cosplayers who don’t know what the -punk suffix is for.

  23. zombiemonk3y Says:

    Someone needs to get out the Pillow of Tollerance, place it over Foxes face, and then follow up with the Revolver of Learning

  24. zombiemonk3y Says:

    On closer investigation, that’s not what the play button tells me at all!

    Damn your black oily hearts to a darkened hole, filled with all the maggots and scavengers of hell!

    Or something.

    You guys had me going for a minute

  25. Ben Johnson Says:

    Oh, what-EVER

    Now pour me a klaproth and put the cat out.

  26. Jake von Slatt Says:

    I’m so sorry! this is all my fault!

    I was in a very bad mood when the Fox reporter called, having just singed my eyebrows off with that damned torch trying to take some more self-portraits. He kept trying to ask the same old questions about SteamPunk and I guess I got a bit bored with it all and started pulling stuff out of my ass. I’m so sorry!

  27. Cod Peace Says:

    As I have interviewed Steampunk Jake von Slatt, I can state without reservation that steampunk is dangerous and subversive. Imagine the chaos if everyone decided that common household items, consumer goods, and even trash were canvases for their personal creativity (and occasional application of steam). Think of the poor marketers and Madison Ave executives!

  28. chaoflux Says:

    damn you.

  29. Paul Komoda Says:

    I’ll get you next time, Steem Punque….NEXT TIME!!!

  30. Datamancer Says:

    Oh man, you pwned me good on that one.
    Top drawer!

  31. FreakyJason Says:

    I knew it! John Beard hasn’t been working at FOX since December. I miss that guy…

  32. thews Says:

    omg! epic luls at this one

  33. Klintron Says:

    I thought for a second I was gonna have to append my Top 5 Fox News Journalistic Masterpieces

  34. Roxy Contin Says:

    oh you got me!

  35. Michael Riess Says:

    HA! This was the day I found Coilhouse while looking for Steampunk watches! Steampunk has come through once more!