Lucent Dossier at the Edison Lounge, April 30th

Many of you will have already heard tell of the Edison Lounge, a new nightclub built around the remnants of an Edwardian era power plant in downtown Los Angeles. Located in the basement of the 1906 Higgins Building, this 10,000 square foot industrial space lay under several feet of flood water for decades, until owner/designer Andrew Meieran (along with business partner Marc Smith) undertook the Herculean task of resuscitating it.

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From its art deco-decked cabaret space The Lab, to the Generator Lounge and Boiler Room (literally an enormous brick-lined boiler, carved out to create a cozy, candlelit cave), to its delicious Tesla Fries and absinthe drinks, the Edison is thematic aesthetic perfection.

Unsurprisingly, it’s been Coilhouse staff meeting headquarters since the very beginning. I’ve often gotten chills just imagining Rachel Brice, Jill Tracy or the Lucent Dossier troupe in that dreamy environment. Picture my joy when I discovered that Lucent Dossier actually has been performing there!

“Reminiscent of Paris and Berlin of the ’20’s, Wednesday nights the venue is transformed into an exploration of the past – a peek into the decadent, sensuous underbelly of historic LA.”

These people are almost unbearably beautiful, both inside and out, and they put on a great show. If you happen to be in the neighborhood tomorrow night, you won’t want to miss what’s sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.* Nadya, Zoetica and I will all be there to document the event, so check back to see some photos from Incandescence very soon.

Vaudevillian aerialist troupe Lucent Dossier, performing at the Edison tomorrow night!

More images of the Edison and Lucent Dossier after the jump.

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photo by Sequoia Emanuelle

Dream and Shrine, posing in the Edison’s Generator Lounge.

*Keep in mind that the Edison has a pretty strict dress code. Formal wear only, no grubby jeans, shorts, sandals or athletic wear. (Hopefully the Hollywood douchebag contingent that tends to show up at velvet rope places in LA will not be out in force, as it’s weeknight.)

22 Responses to “Lucent Dossier at the Edison Lounge, April 30th”

  1. Jerem Morrow Says:


  2. Shien Says:

    What a gorgeous space! I’ll have to check it out when I’m in LA this summer.

  3. Tequila Says:

    Awww man I gotta dress up? Fine I’ll put the track suit away for an evening…it’s a really nice one too!

    It’s a beautiful place and I’m happy it actually has a dress code worth enforcing as opposed to other places who do the “just so long as you have a tie…even if it’s an ugly one” kinda deal. Half the fun of places like this are the patrons and their outfits.

  4. sid penance Says:

    Another act that needs to perform there is LA’s own Unextraordinary Gentlemen. I love the Edison!

  5. Alice Says:

    Curse you, East-coast living…

  6. Stephanie Says:

    that douchebag video is HILARIOUS!!! it completely made my night since i’ve been having such a shitty day. thanks ladies. i personally know one, which makes the video even better.

  7. six06 Says:

    beautiful place. not historically accurate [deco in the edwardian period? flappers dancing to 40’s swing tunes?]. still, a nice enough attempt. the purist in me will shut up now and just enjoy the view ;)

  8. Mer Says:

    Six06, the flappers dancing to the swing tune cracked me up, too, but overall I think that the hodgepodge works in the place’s favor. Why should the club be married religiously to Edwardian themes just because it exists in a building/retains elements from that era? (That level of purism could be hilarious, actually: Zzzzzzzzzz.)

    Blade Runner wouldn’t have been nearly as gorgeous without the mixed metaphors, and neither would the Edison.

    (On a related note, you actually have to drive through that tunnel from Blade Runner to get to the club. Pretty neat.)

  9. six06 Says:

    ahhh, bladerunner. a gal after my own heart. :)

    final verdict? that’s one swanky joint!

  10. Mer Says:

    Yuss!! :) Cheers.

    By the way, Sid? I saw the decidedly Extraordinarily Tall Gentleman from that band at an Edison meet-and-greet a couple months ago, so I bet there’s a chance they may perform there someday!

  11. lucylle Says:

    Oh my… this place is beautiful! It looks more like a movie set than an actual place… surreal!

  12. Vivacious G Says:

    I’ve still never been. :(

  13. Nadya Says:

    Come out, G!

  14. Mark Says:

    Oh great – thanks a bunch, Mer. Despite my arguably numerous esoteric proclivities, I’ve never actually wanted to make it with a fucking building

    *ticks box*

    *draws blinds*


  15. q gauti Says:

    mer, thanks for that bit of postcard levity
    I guess I’ll see the lot of you there tonight.

  16. Tequila Says:

    @Mer…”Blade Runner wouldn’t have been nearly as gorgeous without the mixed metaphors, and neither would the Edison.”

    Totally. The strength of a place like this is how it uses the various eras and mixes them together…like a fine cocktail.

    “On a related note, you actually have to drive through that tunnel from Blade Runner to get to the club. Pretty neat.”

    Haha I remember being a lil kid and having to go through that tunnel daily on my way home. Every time I see it in a movie I feel like a lil kid again. It’s kinda nice they haven’t changed it much…though some parts of it look like they need a bit of attention.

  17. Nadya Says:

    I’m so excited to meet you guys! We will be running around taking pictures, hopefully easy to spot.

  18. David Forbes Says:

    Well. Damn. Hot bloody damn.

    Now I want to visit LA. A lot. Or I really need to find someone with a badass teleporter in the next three hours.

    On a side note: I’m impressed when the suits I usually wear might actually be too casual for a place.

  19. foxtongue Says:

    As I’m a way up north up in the cold, wet reaches of Canada, I am instead sending a proxy, a pleasant young man by the name of Joseph. He’s only recently signed on as a resident of L.A. having just come from Seattle, where he kindly put me up for a week.

  20. filwinn Says:

    being from belgium myself, that’s yet another reason to motivate myself and move my ass to LA :-)

  21. BettieRage Says:

    I am set to visit LA this year. Now I know where we will go.
    It is so lovely!

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