Attention, LA! Cronenberg Retrospective Screenings

I’m convinced that The Steve Allen Theater is some sort of shadowy government secret, which must the reason we hadn’t heard about the David Cronenberg retrospective they’ve been running for the past few weeks until recently. As a drooling fan of everything from Spider to The Fly, I think this is fantastic and, at $8/ticket, a great deal.

I did a little reconnaissance work and found ample parking, good sound and a pleasant audience, despite lack of a concession stand – bringing own snacks next time. Though the retrospective is now drawing to an end, you still have the chance to watch Existenz on May 24th, which is this Saturday and Spider on May 31st which will be shown with Cronenberg’s latest short film.

Beautiful front & back cover art for the spring program booklet.
Page through the entire thing here.

Located at The Center For Inquiry in Hollywood, the theater has a abundantly promising spring/summer line-up of cartoons, performances, mystery movies including Soylent Green on June 1, and so much more. Go forth, consume, and tell us what you think!

Steve Allen Theater
4773 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 666-4268

7 Responses to “Attention, LA! Cronenberg Retrospective Screenings”

  1. Nightporter1969 Says:

    I loved going to the Steve Allen when I lived in LA – it was just a few blocks away and I saw Janet Klein, the Beastly Bombing, Maya Deren films and more there. Wonderful little institution . . .

  2. the daniel Says:

    “The Center for Inquiry-Los Angeles is an educational nonprofit organization that explores and advances critical thinking, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values through education, outreach, and social services.”

    GO CFI GO! For some reason the place made me suspicious when we went, but their mission statement warms my cold atheist heart.

  3. joshua Says:

    holy cow, who does the illustrations for these guys? it looks like guy davis, (from bprd, the marquis) but i know it isn’t him…


  4. q gauti Says:


    that would be travis millard. also known as fudge factory comics.

  5. joshua Says:

    cheers, much obliged!

  6. Eric Arden Says:

    Naked Lunch and Spider are my faves, followed perhaps by Dead Ringers. Peter Weller deadpanned his way into my psyche with the aplomb of a master. Wish I lived out west!

  7. Dj Dead Billy Says:

    ahhh they didn’t play “The Brood”! (my fave)