Build, Craft, Hack, Play, Make: San Mateo Maker Faire

Maker Faire Bay Area 2008: May 3-4, 2008, San Mateo, CA (art by Eboy)

Maker Faire is a two-day, family-friendly event that celebrates the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset. It’s for creative, resourceful people of all ages and backgrounds who like to tinker and love to make things.

Think of it as Burning Man, minus the drugs, crabs and sandstorms. Well, obviously, it’s far more than that… but you will see many of the more gorgeous landmarks (and denizens) of Black Rock City there. Anyone else going? If so, keep an eye out for a short, raccoon-eyed chick in a either a WW II flight helmet, or antlers. I’ll be covering the event on CH later this month.

Also, midwest folks should be aware that a second Maker Faire will be held in Austin, TX later this year. Oct. 18th and 19th.

5 Responses to “Build, Craft, Hack, Play, Make: San Mateo Maker Faire”

  1. Shay Says:

    God I love eBoy.

  2. slurketta Says:

    I’ll be there in the Steampunk Zone ( contraptors’ lounge) showing my new Warrior girl painting! Please come say hi!

  3. Ben Johnson Says:

    This was a good time. Great to have a chance to say hi to the Steampunk Magazine cats. I wasn’t terribly impressed by von Slatt’s steampunk talk (suffered from problems that plague many up-and-coming enthusiast talks… I could go on about this, but not in a comment), but the molecular gastronomy talk was very inspiring. Lots of swell folks with vests and goggles mixed in with the Google-ites and the families.

  4. guesswho9 Says:

    I dunno, Is it me or does the Uk never get anything along the lines of this at all?

  5. rock Says:

    swap-o-rama-rama is the ish!