Fetish Fashion Fuel

Image of Kumi by course instructor Allan Amato

Photographers in California! My friend Allan of Venus Wept Photography is going to be co-teaching an amazing photography workshop called “Fetish Fashion Fuel” this June in Lancaster, CA. There are a lot of things about this class that make me want to sign up. First of all, the models: Ulorin Vex and Kumi are flying in all the way from Europe, and Mosh is flying in from DC. Quite a rare eclipse!

Kumi, Vex, Mosh by Gilles Berquet, Alan Amato, & The Stuntkid

Then, there’s the location. One of workshop days happens at Club Ed. Named after its original caretaker, this location was originally a Hollywood set for the 1991 film Eye of the Storm. The set includes a circa-40s/50s American diner, gas station, autoparts store and motel with a pool – all in the middle the desert. And then there’s the wardrobe. Mother of London? Check. Antiseptic? Check. In total, there are 7 confirmed models, 2 instructors, and 15 students. Not a bad ratio! The course covers not only shooting, but also post-production in Photoshop. 6 seats are still available. All the details can be found here.

Is it pricey? Yes. The course is $995. Is it worth it? I think so. There are many workshops like this all over the country, but none of them offer such a unique mix of talent. I know Allan to be a generous teacher with impeccable lighting technique. I can’t wait to see the images that emerge from this adventure.

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