Glukoza Is Your New Role Model

Glukoza‘s been spinning her high-pitched nasal rhymes since 2002, but it’s the video for her single Schweine [Pigs] that caught my eye, initially. A 3D animation like most of her videos, the story takes place in a world overtaken by Nazi pigs, where brave Glukoza stands up to their tyrannical ruler.

And the song itself? Incredibly catchy, actually. The lyrics are decidedly girl-power much like in the rest of her repertoire – refreshing against the slew of saccharine pop sluts plaguing Russia’s airwaves. You watch now:

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  • Glukoza Nostra, where Glukoza wears a hot Matrix-inspired outfit and kicks ass with what is best described as Gunkata
  • Sneg Idet [It’s Snowing], Where Glukosa gets melancholic, wears glowing boots and plays with her dog in the snow
  • Nevesta [Bride], where Glukosa wears white, carries Katana blades and battles an evil dinosaur
  • Nenaviju [I hate], where Glukoza is liberated by a breakup and floats along a Tokyo-inspired metropolis

Thanks to Jhonen McPiggensteen, possessor of all pig-related knowledge, for the link.

7 Responses to “Glukoza Is Your New Role Model”

  1. David Forbes Says:

    Excellent, this comes just in time to knock Idhi Oka Idi Le out of its weeklong reign in my brain.

    Coilhouse, you’re slowly turning my mind into an interlocking web of catchy songs — all in languages I can’t understand.

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  3. AminaM Says:

    Love Glukoza! I’ve been a fan for some time, although I don’t have too many songs; and of the ones I do, I don’t understand a word. It’s cool to see Glukoza on a site as nifty as Coilhouse.

  4. J. Says:

    It’s also the first licensed song you hear playing Grand Theft Auto IV, on the all-Russian radio channel Vladivostok FM. Cousin Roman has it playing in his taxi when he picks up Niko, the player character, up from the harbor after he gets off the boat to Liberty City.

  5. Tequila Says:

    @J…that’s the first thing that came to my mind hearing it. GTA IV. As I was playing it I thought “What a catchy tune…gotta get it.” The video I must say is fun…and kinda odd to see in a way. The Nazi Pigs remind me a lot of how the classic Disney cartoon Tailspin depicted its russian influenced villains as warthogs.Took a while for that to get out of my head…

    Also…HEY! Some of us like saccharine pop sluts!…you turn down the volume and they are perfectly enjoyable. I mean that video linked too is amazing…it tells the tragic tale of a gapped tooth would be opera singer who’s forced to dance for a cult of men who worship her hat all while a crazed god of the wind tries to blow it away! Least that’s what I got out of it.

  6. Erin Says:

    Are those…oliphaunts??

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