Zo! Style Technician – May 25, 2008

Traveling on business usually leaves no time to explore your surroundings. Spare moments are generally dedicated to little more than sleep and maybe a bath. However, should you have a few hours between meetings, what better way to spend them than exploring some industrial areas around town! Especially if that town happens to be Denver, Colorado, which was the case with this particular excursion.

Who knew that within a few driving minutes we’d be greeted with the foreboding towers of a power plant, intricate and doomy enough to echo the painting of our beloved Yakov Chernikov! Photographer James Stolzenbach and I swiftly snapped as much as we could before being kindly asked to leave by a burly trucker. He came completely out of nowhere, truck and all, and I suspect dark powers were at work. That and video cameras.

Dress: Crystal Candy at Common Era, Denver
Fingerless gloves: random sock shop in Tokyo
Striped socks: Target
Boots: Luichiny on Melrose, LA

Make up by Breanna and Sally of Beauty Box, lips by me*

*I used MAC Liquidlast liner on my lips. Please, do not do this unless you have a powerful make up remover within reach. This stuff does not come off otherwise. At all. I had to use my fingernails.

More photos beyond the jump!

12 Responses to “Zo! Style Technician – May 25, 2008”

  1. penance Says:

    In Southern California on the corner of Bloomfield & Florence in Santa Fe Springs there is a similar place that they are slowly tearing down (slow like they’ve been at it for three + years). Unfortunatley it’s all fenced off so the only good (and legal) shots are from the sidewalks around it.

  2. Libby Says:

    They really ought to have a warning in bright red indelible letters saying the only way to get Liquidlast off is with oil. I usually use olive to remove mine as it’s better for your skin. Very pretty though.

  3. the daniel Says:

    This is ace – I know lots of people call your look ‘manga’ or ‘anime’ style, and I really think that aspect stands out here.

  4. Alice Says:

    Ahhh, industrial-themed ZST published on my birthday…joy.

  5. Jon Munger Says:

    Lookin’ dangerous.

  6. six06 Says:

    that road looks a lot like the one near here. being part of the port of houston, and all, there are “homeland security” type warnings … and they don’t look too kindly on people taking photographs in this neck of the woods.

    great combination, you and the industrial park, though. i especially like the ladder shot … it’s almost halo-like :)

  7. Zoetica Says:

    @Libby – at first I thought you wrote they HAVE a warning in red letters on the package, and felt rather silly. But yes, I agree – that was… intense.

    @thedaniel – the setting helps the surreal feel a lot, and thank you

    @Alice – Happy birthday! [blue confetti all around]

    @six06 – thanks! That link of yours really makes me want to visit Huston.

    Actually, the trucker guy handed us a piece of paper explaining why, exactly, they didn’t allow visitors on their property. Mostly 911 related material, sounds like the same deal as you describe.

  8. Shay Says:


  9. private_grave Says:

    …but at least your lips looked good….

  10. Adarael Says:

    And here I was, just thinking that my day didn’t have enough Appleseed type stuff in it.

  11. noire Says:

    :/ makes denver look like a standard, ho-hum bastion of rustbeltiana.
    there are much more visually interesting places here to shoot in. pity.

  12. Maarten Spreij Says:

    Aaah.. want! I’ve thought about dying my hair for years, not sure I have enough of it left to still do so and not look silly…

    So shiny! Do you have those in bright pink as well? :-D