Death is not a Joyride


I’m writing quickly from the humid crotch that is Houston, Tex-Ass, to sing the praises of a most comely and delightful band who opened for Faun Fables on the eve of the Summer Solstice two nights ago. Death is not a Joyride is a rollicking,¬†zoomorphic avant-pop five piece from Austin who won me over immediately with their butt-wiggling exuberance on the longest, steamiest day of the year.Their first full length album, The Human Zoo, was produced by John Congleton (The Polyphonic Spree, Explosions in the Sky and The pAper chAse) and features 45 blissfully cracked minutes of “girl-fronted dark violin burlesque dance rock.”


Fans of Kate Bush, Bungle, Battles, Glass Candy and Stolen Babies are sure to find the songs of Death Is Not A Joyride particularly life-affirming. I’d love to see them on a bill with fellow Austin oddballs, The Octopus Project. Can somebody make this happen, please?!

4 Responses to “Death is not a Joyride”

  1. Michael V. Says:

    While touring with Mercurine last year, I saw these guys at Elysium in Austin, the night before our own show there, and quite liked them. The first reference that came to mind for me was Miranda Sex Garden. Glad to hear they’re thriving!

  2. joshua Says:

    how can a band be anthropomorphic?

    nerd up,


  3. Mer Says:

    I meant ZOOmorphic, damn it. Stupid concussion.

  4. q gauti Says:

    ..unless they were furries?