If You Ever Need to Find The Road to Kadath


From the great folks at Slave Labor Graphics comes the Map of Humanity. The brainchild of comics creator and artist James Turner, this wonderful piece just recently arrived in my mailbox and is proving to be all a good carto-fetishist could ever desire.

It’s all here: real cities rub shoulders with fantastic ones lumped in countries such as Beauty, Love, Realism, Hate, Abomination or Fool’s Paradise. If you want to pore over it in detail (warning: you will miss appointments, work and the outside world), do so here. On this map Chicago dwells in the lands of both Depravity and Industry, Dr. Doom’s Latveria borders Riyadh and Utopia is the waypoint between the continents of Wisdom and Reason.

There are a wealth of connections, allusions and little jokes strewn throughout, all – as the best things should – rewarding multiple ponderings. It’s also on ridiculously glorious-feeling super-paper too, for those out there that have that kind of fetish (such as certain editors of this publication who shall remain nameless).

Strange Maps: A completely unrelated site, save that it’s also addictive for cartofetishists

3 Responses to “If You Ever Need to Find The Road to Kadath”

  1. thekamisama Says:

    I figured they would throw in a few of those Three Stooges map jokes with the dirty wordplay.. but I haven’t found one yet…

  2. Elit Alice Says:

    this is so amazing!

  3. AmyTheFreak Says:

    That is fantastic. The first thing I saw, after Shakespearian Mountains… was The Shire and Hobbiton. :)