Kimba’s Saturday Morning Fluffcake

Good morning, children! Ready for your breakfast cake? You better be, because here in the cave that’s just the way we celebrate a proper Saturday morning. And once your teeth have really begun to grind from the sugar rush, might we interest you in a bit of song and dance? Yes, it’s time for the Hokey Morning Song with Kimba and friends on Kimba’s Cave. Don’t be alarmed, sit back and relax – this show’s for everyone, just like the lyrics say. A word of warning, though: don’t piss Kimba off or he might just get skimpy with the fluffcake.

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Hmm, that song sure had some strange notes.. And doesn’t Kimba look just a bit familiar? Click below for the big reveal that will have you regurgitating fluffcake for hours. With laughter, I mean.

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Now it all comes together! That’s right – Kimba is the Kimba from Specimen. The very Specimen who, in addition to their music repertoire, ran The Batcave – a deathrock mecca in its day. These days Kimba produces this kid’s show, which he hopes to one day get on television. Now you see the true way of the world. You see it all.

12 Responses to “Kimba’s Saturday Morning Fluffcake”

  1. Acid Says:

    Something all those sketchy kids can vegetate in front of, after a long night of partying.

  2. john colby Says:

    I’m having this odd flashback to Sigmund the seamonster . I can hear the shellapone ringing…

  3. Nadya Says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The word “fluffcake” actually made a huge impression with me. What a great word! So pleasing to say and hear – like “cellar door.” I had to have fluffcake this morning or I wasn’t happy. Seriously. when I went shopping this morning and there was just one choice for breakfast – a pink, swirly, creamy, fluffy cake thing.

    Also, re: the Wikipedia entry on the Batcave. “Famous regulars at the Batcave included legends such as Robert Smith, Siouxsie Sioux, Steve Severin, Foetus, Marc Almond, Nick Cave and Owen Wilson.”

    Owen Wilson? Really?

  4. Mike Jennings Says:

    I love slightly deranged kid’s shows, and I would be proud to TiVo this one for my 6-year old. I love that this guy tries to be hokey and fails — there’s sill something subversive under it all, like he cannot shed his fundamental sensibilities. In short: His tentacles are showing.

    I remember when the film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang came out and I couldn’t find anyone around me who remembered the song. I only had Batastrophe and the Batcave collection on LP so I couldn’t show anyone what I was talking about.

  5. Zoetica Says:

    Mike, you hit it on the head – Kimba’s tentacles are peeking from behind the clown makeup, no matter how hard he tries to hide them.

  6. Kimba Says:

    Thank you so much everyone.
    Keep those cards and letters commin

    Big K. nth Bunch

  7. Zoetica Says:

    Kimba, I have to confess I’ve watched the morning song every morning since posting it! So addictive.

  8. Devin Says:

    I loved it, cut me a slice of fluffcake, and Ill park in front of the TV with my P.J.s on. I’m 7 years old again. Bannana Splits, Buggaloos and other classic cartoons. Here’s a thought.

    Kimba’s Cave VS. H.R. Puffin Stuff in a CAVE Match of course.
    I smell a Pay Preview ticket.
    Great Job Kimba (KIMBA the White Lion, another classic)

  9. Steve Richardson Says:

    There is something Strangely addictive about Kimba’s Cave
    Maybe its the Spider-Monkeys ?
    Or the Fluffcakes ?……..maybe the Cave ?….or the Songs ?

    But one things for certain ………….It’s the work of a Genius

    Like all Classic kids TV shows it’s suitable for both kids and adults
    The perfect start to the Weekend

  10. Bev Richi Says:

    Fantastic Show Kimba
    I hope some of the TV networks pick it up
    Myself and my 4 Kidz all love the show
    Will there be more ?????????
    I hope so
    The Spider Monkeys Rock

  11. Stev Stix Says:

    Wacky Fun For All The Family
    Truly Amazing

  12. Beth Dewey Says:

    this is awesome!!!! I want more.