Save Gas. Drive Blood Car.


In the bleak, bleak future, gas prices have become so insane that no one can afford to drive. Crusading inventor Archie Andrews, a vegan schoolteacher, labors tirelessly to change all this by building a car engine that will run on plentiful, clean wheatgrass. But one night he makes a discovery — wheatgrass won’t power an engine, but human blood will. He gets seduced by a girl named Denise who loves cars. The government gets involved — and everything just goes to hell from there.


That’s the premise for the Blood Car, a brutal, brilliant and damned laugh-out-loud funny flick from Atlanta director Alex Orr. Working on a shoestring (the special effects budget was $200 and the Blood Car got towed), Orr managed to create the best kind of fringe movie — scathingly satirical, ludicrously bloody and eminently quotable — with an ending that actually manages to shock.
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I was fortunate enough to stumble on it while recruiting for Asheville’s film festival last year and it still remains the most fun I’ve had at the movies in a long time. It’s out on DVD now and still winding its way through the festival circuit. If you’re fortunate enough to be where it’s playing, absolutely do not miss it — this is one film made to be experienced en masse.

Thanks to the wisdom imparted by this movie, I now believe that, exo-skeletons be damned, tarantulas — deadly tarantulas — in vending machines are the future.

8 Responses to “Save Gas. Drive Blood Car.”

  1. daphny Says:

    i saw this at last years cinequest in san jose and FELLL IN LOOOOOVE if you are in an area with frys electronics they sell it there you should buy it so the guy can make more movies

    god this movie is so good becuase its so fucking topical

  2. thekamisama Says:

    Wasn’t the cartoon character named Archie Andrews too?

  3. R. Says:

    thekamisama, it certainly was. :D

    It seems like it would be an interesting film. May have to ask around for it.

  4. Brock McCoy Says:

    Gas is $33 a gallon, you can buy food from the Vegan Stand or the Meat Stand (Meat sticks $5!), and some hippie’s discovered his miracle engine runs off of blood so he switches to the dark crimson side. Sprinkle in some brief nudity, violence, classical music, and impressive low-budget directing to complete this hilarious flick. I thought it had to be filmed in some hippie-nest on the West Coast, but apparently Atlantians are slacking in their tree-hugger hatred.

    What I learned: In the future hot slutty omnivores will “…do anything to ride in a car” no matter what it runs on.

    I loved it.

  5. q gauti Says:

    I think this calls for a film night.

  6. Tequila Says:

    I must have a car like this…I know too many who’d make great fuel.

  7. PAUL Says:

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  8. Jeff Says:

    Does the gas saving device using water work?