So Long And Thanks For All The Suits, YSL

Yves Saint Laurent has passed away at 71. This was the man to take over the house of Dior barely in his 20s, to bring us the some of the best in women’s pant suits, the first to stream his runway shows online, the first to hire black models and creator of the famed Mondrian dress among his huge body of work as a designer. Let us not mourn his passing but applaud and be inspired by his accomplishments, instead.

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A handsome young Yves in 1962, just one year after launching his own house.

6 Responses to “So Long And Thanks For All The Suits, YSL”

  1. Chernobyl Red Says:

    “Nothing that’s good can be copied.”

    I love this…I’m going to have to do a little more reading on Edmonde Charles-Roux. Those are wonderful words, there.

  2. Jon Munger Says:

    Compare that footage to a modern fashion extravaganza. It’s so…refined.

  3. q gauti Says:

  4. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Hear, hear!

    p.s. Read this news right before heading off to work, and thought “CoilHouse will say what I want to, over this”. Lo’ and behold, ye did. Not sure if that means you lot are mind-readers, we’re just on the same wave-length or I’m just some hanger-on tool. No matter, one way or the other, says I.

  5. Zoetica Says:

    Jerem, clearly there is some sort of shadowy telepathy at work here.

    Q, as always, on point.

    John, yes, truly a creature of of utmost grace and the video reflects that. Just think of all the pressure he was under, there!

    Chernobyl, I want to agree. I want to believe!

  6. Tequila Says:

    He was the first fashion designer I actively read about and studied. Well more drooling over his designs than actual study but how I loved the pictures I could find and articles I could grasp. He was a rare mix of talent, vision, and class…you couldn’t really not like the man once you knew a bit about him. The documentary about him from years back now still stands as one of the best on any artist…mainly cause the timing was so perfect. The vast footage of the amazing retrospective they had of his work was epic…seeing all his designs parade along by decade and design…wow.