Where’s Mer? Part III

Nils Frykdahl & Dawn McCarthy of Faun Fables

Summer winds are here and they’re sweeping our Mer away once again. This time she’s headed south and then all over the US, on extendo-tour with the Faun Fables. This could be your chance to catch one of these performances! Having witnessed this intense phantasmafolk first-hand I suggest you mark these dates in your calendars, dress to the nines and go rock, hard. In the meantime we’ll be standing by the window, clutching a handkerchief and longingly gazing at the open road until she returns to us.

11 Responses to “Where’s Mer? Part III”

  1. dispodip Says:

    wha? no Toronto?
    a little north o’ the border would be nice too :)

  2. Mer Says:



  3. Tequila Says:

    Not a bad way to spend a Friday 13th…I’ll go give this a listen.

  4. Zoetica Says:


  5. Jim Says:

    Cool, a date in Denver. Unfortunately for Faun Fables Bender’s, though a fairly nice venue, never manages to draw much of a crowd to its shows. I will certainly do my best to be there though, just judging from the songs on myspace it seems like it could be a good show.

  6. Nadya Says:

    Jim you should totally go! I think you would love it.

    I myself am pissed that I’m going to be missing this by *one day*. I’ll still be in London when the LA show is happening. Dammit! :(

  7. k paul blume Says:

    …and, naturally, no Charlotte, NC date, either.
    Banktown gets no love!

  8. James Shearhart Says:

    What, no Bay Area show? What the hell?

    I know a guy that can get you into Cafe du Nord easy….

  9. Peter S. Says:

    While a return visit would have been welcome, I can’t complain. The show at the Doug Fir was awesome. (Mer, sorry I delayed Nils as long as I did circa dinner time!)

  10. Mer Says:

    Dispodip, Nils’ band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum will be playing Vancouver on July 4th. That’s the most Canada’s gonna get for the forseeable future, alas.

    James, there’s a bay area show in the works in July. Check the website for deets in a couple weeks.

    Mr Blume, there’s an east coast August stint in the works as well. Sorry we’re not going to make it too far south, but grueling tours + intense humidity and heat don’t really mix with pregnancy, and Dawn is going to be in her third trimester at that point.

  11. Ben Morris Says:

    Its not (yet) listed on the linked tourdates page but according to a local venue’s website Faun Fables is playing here in Atlanta August 19. I am looking forward to this very much as I really love their music but haven’t yet seen ’em live.