Zo! Style Technician. June 23, 2008

My affection for Los Angeles is a drawn out, turbulent affair. I stay, for now, because of the nuances not found anyplace else, entirely unique to this place. Case in point: say you’ve got a party to go to and that party is Lenora Claire‘s birthday bash, held at Houdini’s mansion on Friday the 13th. You know for a fact that there will be: music, monkeys and circus acts. What do you wear?

When presented with an invitation to an event you know will be off da hook, as the people say, you’re given a choice to be understated/classy, or to concoct an outfit that will be admired by the drag queens in attendance and leaves a trail of jewels wherever you tread. My choice was made when I found a dress I’d forgotten about, a dress with a story worthy of a party with monkeys.

It was years ago at a now-closed deathrock club called Ghoul School. I complimented a perfectly obliterated girl on her pink dress. A vintage hand-beaded number dripping with faux pearls and diamonds, it was as out of place among the torn fishnet and leather as its tall, brown-haired fresh-faced owner. My compliment was met with an unexpected gesture of generosity: with one multi-step maneuver the girl slipped out of the dress, signed the hem, handed it to me and wandered off. Inexplicably, she was wearing a striped bikini underneath. My heart sang a song of gratitude.

When I saw Mer the night of Lenora’s party she said I looked like a cupcake and I knew it was right. Now I bring you a re-creation of the outfit as masterfully captured by secret photo agent Yoon. You can read a bit more about Lenora’s party in this LA Weekly article. Hit the jump for more.

Dress, gloves, necklace: vintage
Tights: Tokyo
Boots: Newport News
Petticoat: Tripp NYC

Skin: Bare Escentuals
Lipstick: MAC “Rebel”
Eyebrows: Manic Panic eye shadow in “Deadly Nightshade”
Eyes: some incredible silver pigment I got at Frend’s
Lashes: L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in “Carbon”

Don’t drink the Windex

12 Responses to “Zo! Style Technician. June 23, 2008”

  1. Yume Says:

    always looking amazing. gorgeous dress with awesome coordination.

  2. Jon Munger Says:

    You look so different in pink. Wholesome. But in a stabby way.

  3. E. Black Says:

    A gorgeous blue-haired cupcake.

    And you’re right about L.A. I love/hate the place but I’ve always wanted to live there for the things that are unique to it.

  4. Jamie Says:

    It’s so cool to see you sporting a “softer” look… definitely still edgy though. I like. :)

  5. Lenore Says:

    Lovely. your skin tone is so pretty. I love how you mix colors and make it work. I am not at all adventurous. I wish I knew how to mix and match colors to make it look good and really make my outfits works for me. I feel so boring.

  6. Alice Says:

    I especially love the second image from the bottom–the kind of fresh-facedness and simplicity of the make-up makes you look kind of like…and alien? A doll? Some magical combination of the two? But in a lovely, lovely sort of way.

  7. Digital Parasite Says:

    magnificent, always love your choices for fashion.

  8. SaraBee Says:

    I’m in love with the dress… I think. I wish there was a picture of you standing up in the dress without manipulating the hem! I really want to see how it drapes.

  9. Wendalyn Says:

    You look excellent. I’d dearly love to see you and Gala Darling do a shoot together, all indgo tressed and fantastically dressed.

  10. Zoetica Says:

    Yume, thank you!

    John, wholesome? Really? Then my disguise is a success!

    E.Black, It took me 5 years of begrudging habitation to begin enjoying Los Angeles.

    Jamie, thank you!

    Lenore, you can do it, I’m sure of it. Try mixing up your look over the weekend – perfect opportunity to experiment!

    Alice, I think it’s the lack of eyeliner, believe it or not. It’s such a simple detail, but since most of my photos here show me with liner this might actually be the first time you see the shape of my terrifying alien eyes unobstructed.

    Digital Parasite, thanks!

    SaraBee, sorry – Drew took so many great pictures! It was tough to pick one of everything.

    Wendalyn – actually I will be probably visiting NYC in eh near future, so you never know what could transpire!

  11. k paul blume Says:

    Oi, thought you weren’t doing colours anymore…glad you are, though.

  12. Sam Ramirez Says:

    i just noticed that this looks a little like a picture from urban outfitters site