Zo! Style Technician. June 9, 2008

This installment of Z!ST is brought to you by two things I find myself missing more often than not: film and coffee houses. Kris Krug from Vancouver was here a few weeks ago and, to my happy surprise, used film for most of our photos. We shot at Cafe Muse – a relatively new coffee-zone that stays open ’til midnight and, staying true to its name, provides a guitar & piano to its patrons. There is live music, beverages and excellent food at this oasis amidst the dusty clamor of Santa Monica Boulevard.

Words can hardly express how elated I am at the concept of a real cafe within walking distance in my neighborhood, especially one that stays open past 8pm. Hollywood, for the most part, is a city of soulless cardboard franchises, thus it’s a treat to finally have a place nearby where I can station, laptop and coffee in hand, for an evening of writing, sketching, whatever. Such places are utterly crucial to the sanity of the few of us still breathing in this palm-infested desert metropolis. These simple pleasures shouldn’t be so rare.

Oh yes, the outfit! A rare but welcome instance of simplicity appreciation. Usually not a proponent of stirrups, I made an exception for these leggings, in part due to the fact that I found them at a home appliance store in Koreatown. Click on for shopping informations and more photos.

Dress – eBay
LeggingsKim Jeong Gi
Shoes Cutesyshoes.com*
Bracelets H&M

*A cautionary word about cutesyshoes.com: this place will suck you into its shoe-vortex until you’ve spent at least a hundred bucks. It is not a place for doe-eyed shoe amateurs! There are hundreds of options at under $15/pair and that is dangerous thing. Please, do take care.

And one shot in digital.

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  1. biorequiem:Zoetica Ebb » Zo! Style Technician. June 9, 2008 Says:

    […] and, staying true to its name, provides a guitar & piano to its patrons. Read/see the rest here, only on […]

  2. the daniel Says:

    Use more film for these, or at least Photochop filters to the same effect :) Also, I love the dress! I’m a sucker for no sleeves and neck coverings.

  3. Camilla Says:

    I have so many shoes from that website. Sometimes, I hesitate to tell people where I got them just to save them from the inevitably giant bill.

  4. Digital Parasite Says:

    It is awesome to see you in shots like these, very nostalgic to me anyway, love the way you have your hair in this looks very animated in a sense of being realistic if that makes…any sense what so ever. Loved the read on the coffee shop, it is [truly] hard to find a coffee shop that holds up to the actual purpose of what they used to be without running into a cliche knock off.

    Anyway awesomenessx10 I believe there is nothing that you can not look amazing in and or doing, always wishing the best of luck to you and everyone here on Coilhouse.

  5. Adarael Says:

    Seconded. It looks like they were taken by an old LOMO or the like. A cut to the left of normal.

  6. lizzelizzel Says:

    :goes to cutesyshoes:

  7. T. Says:

    Oooh. Thanks for the yummy shoe tip.

  8. Sakara Says:

    i like both types of image – the film and digital. Film for its vintage feel and texture and the digital for being able to see detail in your outfit.

    i too am not keen on stirrup leggings but like the way these ones finish at the strap of the shoe.

  9. Mark Says:

    Oh wow, this is by far my favourite of the recent Z!ST installments. The cafe looks fab (much like several we’ve got here, in fact…it restores a little faith that this sort of venue can be found, at a push, in H’wood!), the film camera really works beautifully here, and the look is just killer – immediately made me think of this lot, for some reason (the track, rather than the video, I hasten to add…although I do love that too!):


  10. R. Says:

    Zo, your outfits are always amazing to look at.

    Also that cafe looks great. I wish we had one like that where I live. I miss lounging until late in the evening with my notebook or sketchbook and a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Living a tourist trap of a town doesn’t offer anything like that.

  11. annie Says:

    num, num. film! i am usual the silent type, but i had to pipe up and say hurrah for analog and coffeehauses and zo!

    {hello, hello.}

  12. Alice Says:

    Ohh, what a wonderful-sounding place! The kind of place one always wished for but, alas, seem to be the thing of legend….

    Wonderful shoe link, too! It’s making me giddy just now, but I’m sure in a few weeks when I’ve spent my money there, I’ll be cursing you for it!

  13. Zoetica Says:


    [yes, these shoes have hands]

  14. Elenore Says:

    lovely as always..

    ps be careful with how you care for those glasses..the first foto not to be a worry worm or tell you how to treat your things but it looks as though they are facing down which is number one wrong in taking care of glasses/lenses. just a time I remember when I got my frames from Taiwan and very unique they were that when I did that I accidentally placed my had over them because I was trying to move out of the way and bam! I placed my palm on them and they broke/bended and it was money that I dont need to waste because of something I could have prevented…yikes…dont know why i’d care but just a thought.

    sorry for the novel

  15. Leo Says:

    Hey Zoe!

    I missed your style column on SG but I am glad you have revived it once again…you are very inspiring.

    I wanted to know if you can give me some advice on where I can go to cut my hair? I live in the LA area and its very difficult to find the perfect or atleast decent stylist. I like short hair and I want it to look better than the basic bob. Can you give me also tips on good hair product to keep it in good shape?

    you are simply awesome thanks ahead of time for any info you can provide.

  16. Zoetica Says:

    Elenore, I know, I know. It was all in the heat of the moment – the camera’s clicks, the sweet coffee smell. It all happened so fast! I’ll be more careful in the future, promise.

    Leo, hi! Thank you for the encouragement. I hear good things about Sirens salon on Melrose, but I haven’t gone there myself. You could also try the Vidal Sassoon Academy. It will take hours but you’ll have a fun experimental cut, after!

    If your hair is color damaged I suggest Redken “Extreme” line. The shampoo and conditioners alone will get you back into shape almost instantly!

    Let me know if any of this works for you!

  17. Alice Says:

    Hmmm…I feel certain that I’ve seen that bag (or similar) in a previous WZW?, but may I ask, where’s it from?

  18. Zoetica Says:

    Alice! Indeed, you’ve seen this bag. It’s from Japan – I got it at the bazaar in front of Asakuza Temple.

  19. Aubergine Says:

    <3 the Shoes, I'm all too familiar with cutsey…what brand??