Butt Panniers! By Scherer Gonzalez.

How hot is this? Needs to be worn with a space helmet, though. Another lavish image after the cut, and more from this collection at Scherer Gonzalez’s site.

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[thanks, Storm]

9 Responses to “Butt Panniers! By Scherer Gonzalez.”

  1. Sera Noise Says:

    Ooooh, space helmet. I agree.
    I absolutely love the entire collection. The gown in particular ~
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mer Says:


  3. Alice Says:

    Are those ridges putting anyone else in mind of butt-gills?


    Never mind…

  4. anansi Says:

    WOW. These are beautiful. Love the synthesis of past and future. That is one of the most amazing corsets I’ve ever seen.

    Very inspiring. Hm, what era would that be… Renaissance?

  5. Mer Says:

    2008? Reminds me of a collection from La Perla from some years ago, they had a very similar bustier with a pannier, I never found pics online but I think I have a pic I took at the airport. And the capelet is very similar to Puimond’s.

  6. Mer Says:

    I found the picture, taken in October 2004 at Barcelona’s airport.

    I will just give the link, last time I tried posing a picture it didn’t work ;P

  7. Vivacious G Says:

    Those pieces are gorgeous. I love the sleeve design. Genius. Inspiring for sure. Thank you.

  8. paul blume Says:

    Entrancing, fresh-feeling stuff…nor does it hurt that the model is sporting “that” hairstyle.

  9. tyhiliet Says:

    by any chance has someone riped the pictures from this collection. i feel rather lazy to try and hunt them down across the net myself. Oh please, I so would like to see that wonderous gown once more.