Celebrating Tesla’s Birthday, the David Bowie Way.

Twink poses with The Haunted Corset, an Ebay find that terrified me so much I had to give it away.

If Nikola Tesla were alive today and he went to The Edison, he’d be pissed. “Why’d they name it after that guy?” And since it’s his birthday today (thanks, John Colby, for the reminder), we’re going to rename this incredible venue The Tesla for the next 24 hours in his honor.

So… looks like there’s some electric kissing party going on up in this joint! Happy Birthday, Nikola! The designer here is Mother of London, creating a sequel to the panoramic shoot that showcased an earlier collection – the first interactive, 360-degree fashion shoot ever created. Photographer Will Pearson came to LA from London to do this follow-up, and what you’re seeing here are preview stills – a taste of what’s to come, yet phenomenal images in their own right. When the panorama is complete, you’ll be able to navigate around The Tesla until your head spins.

Allan Amato (aka Venus Wept) was the art director for the shoot. Models above are Ulorin, right, and Evan, left. Hairstyling by Linh Nguyen, NoogieStyle and Jamie Gatlin. Makeup by Daven Mayeda. You can see more images from this heart-stopping shoot on Allan’s blog. There were many more models involved, including some very cute boys.

[More Images From This Shoot]

P.S. – Over at CoilSpace.com, we were able to salvage everyone’s images, even if you didn’t email. There are probably twice as many as there were before. Enjoy, and thanks again!

10 Responses to “Celebrating Tesla’s Birthday, the David Bowie Way.”

  1. lucylle Says:

    This is a potpourri of wonderful things… I love Mother of London deconstructed clothing, love Amato’s photography and postproduction style, the Edis… oops, sorry! the TESLA is on my list of places to see before I die and some of the models involved in the shot have consistently popped up in my inspirational images folder. Can’t wait to see the finished work, it looks like it will be even more of a show than the previous 360° shot.

  2. john colby Says:

    Here is a great example of just how lucky edison was/a crook. He lost more than half his money on this stooooopid idea…


  3. R. Says:

    Now, I need to go watch The Prestige and stare at David Bowie.

    Also those images are absolutely stunning.

  4. David Forbes Says:

    Mother of London always impresses, and this is no exception: that shoot is amazing.

    A little while back, some friends and I discovered that of all inventor’s names, Tesla’s is by far the most satisfyingly screamable. Shouting “TESSSSSLAAAAA!” while adopting a suitably mad science pose should work even better in a great environ like the Edison and I have to say that I’m very, very envious.

    Hmm, for the rest of us, I wonder if anyone’s yet concocted a suitable drink in Tesla’s honor. It probably should involve the hardest of liquors and electricity (or, in a pinch, fire).

  5. Tanya Says:

    You had me at “mustache rides.”

  6. Mer Says:

    Tis is so very, very scrumptiously exciting.

    I want to hear more about The Haunted Corset, though…

  7. Nadya Says:

    Ah, yes. The Haunted Corset!

    This was an Ebay find that a coworker recommended to me. About a year and a half ago. If I recall correctly, the auction stated that the corset was from the Civil War Era, but the seller didn’t know much about it. Looking at the pictures, I thought it would make a beautiful thing to do a a shoot with. I think I paid something like $150 for it.

    The corset was very stiff – too stiff to fold or wear. The leather was once much softer, but now it felt like wood. It was almost like a sculpture of a corset. And it was tiny – suggesting that it had been built for a child or a really petite woman. It had holes all over it, for the skin to breathe through, which suggested that that it was intended to be worn for long periods of time.

    But the thing is, this corset just terrified me. Any time I was close to it, I felt a really, really creepy vibe – like the person who wore it really suffered in it, so much that the corset was just soaked with that energy. And, you know, I’m actually very pragmatic… I like computers and TV dinners… as an adult, I’ve never been obsessed with “the supernatural world,” lighting candles, making contact with ghosts, etc.

    But this corset! I didn’t even want to sleep in the same room with it. It seriously made me uneasy.

    Mildred loved this corset from the start, and didn’t feel any creepy vibe from it whatsoever. “I’ll hold on to that corset for you! If a ghost comes out and says ‘Woo,” I’ll just keep it company.” So I gave her the corset, which she hung on a lamp. But every time I came over, no matter how well-lit the room was, I’d still see it and feel a chill. Mildred owns it now, and that’s how it ended up in this shoot.

    Eventually we found an old photo of a storefront that had similar corsets, and, like we suspected, it was some sort of medical corset.

  8. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Lust. Lust. Lust.

  9. Kitty Napalm Says:

    Just utterly, mechanically sensual. The combination of talent works wickedly well. I’d kill to be involved in something similar… am I ever in the wrong country right now.

  10. Mil (not signed in) Says:

    Thanks guys.
    Corset says ‘hi’, Nadya.