Daily Drag Queen Affirmations: 365 Days of Faboo!

Daily Drag Queen Affirmations (DDQA) offers 365 videos of different drag queens who each offer you a fresh, life-affirming nugget of wisdom for every glorious new day – all for just 20 bucks. “Buy it for yourself. Buy it for a friend. Buy it for that bitch you know!” They offer some samples on their YouTube channel, including my favorite one, above.

The all-star cast of this endeavor includes Willam Belli, the mastermind and star of Tranny McGuyver, a show that Belli describes in the following terms: “Basically, it’s In the Heat of the Night meets Tootsie without all the heart-of-gold, positivity bullshit. We’re not trying to out-dyke Cagney & Lacey or anything. Just watch it. It’s fierce.” No, really. Just watch it!

“You want the beef taco or the fish taco?” Priceless.

Daily Drag Queen Affirmations, via bluefirecracker

One Response to “Daily Drag Queen Affirmations: 365 Days of Faboo!”

  1. Nelly Says:

    I am glad you like W. Belli Nadya , he is ULTRA funny , I had the opportinuties to do his M.U a few times and each time is a full session of laughs ! he has wit and is very kind too !