Fashion in 2008: Good So Far, Still Needs More Lace


It’s nice to see that “weird shit” is back in style. Above, the latest from last week’s Christian Lacroix haute couture show in Paris (via parlour). Although there were no uniformly mind-blowing collections, there are a few choice pieces here and there, including this 20s-meets-the-future ensemble by Galliano (and from that same collection, these evil-looking shoes!), as well as this sexy number from Chanel. In truth, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but that doesn’t make it any less pleasant to behold.

However, the one designer who’s truly been kicking ass this year is handsome devil Gareth Pugh (previously here). What I love most about his Autumn/Winter 2008 collection is the texture. I bet wearing his stuff feels like being a piece of origami. And I have a feeling he’s only getting started. Go, Garteth, go!


9 Responses to “Fashion in 2008: Good So Far, Still Needs More Lace”

  1. Spotka Says:

    Gareth <3

  2. Kambriel Says:

    I’ll have to create something lace-tastic just for you ;)

  3. q gauti Says:

    very little of pugh’s work ever sees production.

  4. Mer Says:

    Somewhere out there, Klaus Nomi is smiling.

  5. misanthropic anthropologist Says:

    yes! I just saw the “superheroes” exhibit at the NY Met, and Pugh’s was the one piece I was totally thrilled by and had to go immediately look him up. Oh my, I am in love with his work…what little I’ve seen.

  6. Merveilleuse Says:

    Oh no… I have to say that almost EVERYTHING in Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2008 collection is VERY suitable. Check it out.

  7. Vivacious G Says:

    At first first glance I thought the two top dresses were made of rope – I really really like their shapes and I think the left one on the bottom has feathers along with fur? Feathers always win with me. Out of the corner of my eye, it looks as though the bottom right piece is made of millions of little matches – the image is quite small on my computer for some reason. They would be an interesting substitute for safety pins at any rate.

    Lace is nice as well.

  8. the daniel Says:

    I love this stuff, it looks like armor from a role-playing game. I think my fave is the huge collar/cowl in the bottom right.

  9. Tanya Chica Says:

    This is what i’m looking for! Great to find it in your site more power to you!