Hot Coil

Tesla’s got bedroom eyes.

Oh, my, yes! Happy belated birthday, dear Nikola. Your Coilhouse whelping day party continues with this booty-electrifying Musical Tesla Coil rendition of the Ghostbusters theme song, courtesy of Dr. Zeus. Nerd up.

7 Responses to “Hot Coil”

  1. dispodip Says:

    a little comic about Tesla by Kate Beaton
    it seems quite fitting for this post..

  2. wchambliss Says:


  3. Jami Says:

    Love it!

  4. the daniel Says:

    damn, dispodip beat me to it

  5. David Forbes Says:

    A fun, informative (if somewhat prone to hyperbole) documentary on Tesla, narrated by Dean Stockwell, can be found here

  6. john colby Says:

    A battle royal between Tesla and Edison !!!!!!

  7. Nadya Says:

    Great performance, great headgear.