Huzzah, comrades! I’m here at the 38th annual San Diego Comic Convention, the smelliest largest comic book and popular arts convention in the entire world. ‘Tis a strange and wondrous place, brimming over with fascinating media, enthusiastic people, stimulating conversation, and entertaining outbursts from shut-ins with socially crippling personality disorders. Over the next few days, I’ll be sending you postcards from the proverbial edge. To start things off, here’s some free product placement for the new iPhone:

7 Responses to “POSTCARDS FROM NERD PROM: iSpidey”

  1. Molly Ren Says:

    If it’s good enough for Spiderman, it’s good enough for me. He’s quite charmingly ripped, too. ;)

  2. john colby Says:

    Smelliest is right a girl walking down the rows with a trolly full of right guard could make herslef some serious coin…

  3. Random_Tangent Says:

    …where does he put it when he’s done?

  4. Ashe Mischief Says:

    Holy crap! That’s my lovely friend Gwen in the background, and her great t-shirt company, Sigh-Co.

  5. Mineke Says:

    Ashe, I was just about to say the same thing! Yay Gwen!

  6. Vivacious G Says:


  7. Leonor Says:

    my fave pic almost evarrr…..only because I’m a huge spidey fan…and well this is so on the cell…so much to do…so little time

    i went to comic con on sunday…i try to remind myself WHY do I even go….so frickin crowded…men with their shirts open smellin of old man sweat….so bad!!!! but i got my zombie marvel signed…nice….saw plenty of sorry costumes…oh well…went to old town and got candy and jewelry to hang off the car mirror…schweet.