The Triumphantly Warped Return of Grace Jones

While it’s my sincere hope that the wondrous Coilhouse Gushfest: Getting to Know You continues unabated, I can’t keep sitting on my hands with this one. Grace Jones has just released a new video for “Corporate Cannibal”, the first single off her forthcoming album, Hurricane (which features collaboration with Tricky, Brian Eno, and others). May Day is more heart-stoppingly badass than ever before:

(Via MusicSlut and Ectomo.)

Is she not fierce?! Like some creepy UrSkek, come to inform us of the Great Conjunction. And the lyrics… checkit, they’re all Free and Accepted n’ shiz:

Employer of the year
Grandmaster of fear
My blood flows satanical
Mechanical, masonical
And chemical… habitual

Jones performing at Meltdown in London last month.

Rawr. As previously mentioned on CH, Ms. Jones is my choice for It Girl of the 80s. Hell, let’s make her It Girl for ’08, as well. She’s sixty, she’s sexy, she’s scary as hell, and we should all bow before her fabulousness.

15 Responses to “The Triumphantly Warped Return of Grace Jones”

  1. Zoetica Says:

    As impressive as ever, that miss Jones. The suit, the gloves, the everything. It’s a sort of unholy blend of the UrkSeks and the Dadaists, yes!!

  2. bettierage Says:

    She is the only person I would want to like BE for a little while. Just to see what it feels like to be GRACE motherfucking JONES. I want this album right now. I play Nightclubbing all of the time because it rules.

  3. the daniel Says:

    I read a great piece on how the original artist constructed the cover of Island Life – clearly a pose that Jones (not to mention most humans) couldn’t actually perform – and it was interesting to see the labor-intensive stitching together of many photos that was necessary in the pre-Photoshop days.


  4. Nadya Says:

    Grace Jones is a time machine.

  5. Mer Says:

    D, I love that piece but lost track of it, thanks for the linky.

    B.R. have you seen these old interview clips? Oh my fucking gawd:

  6. Mer Says:


  7. David Forbes Says:

    Damn. She had me at “pleased to have you on my plate.” UNH.

    *Ahem.* That is all.

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  9. paul blume Says:

    simply, thank-you.

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  11. Bridget Says:

    Holy shit. This sounds awesome.
    I like her Pretenders cover.

  12. R. Says:

    Grace Jones continues to own my soul. There’s only two other women who owns my soul besides her and that’s Siouxsie Sioux and Skin from Skunk Anansie.

  13. noire Says:

    well, at least now i feel a lot better about my giant crush on her.

  14. Nadya Says:

    I find myself watching the Corporate Cannibal video over, and over, and over again… it’s just so dark, so fluid, so unsettling. The video… Chris Cunningham meets Albert Watson! I love the way she snarls at the end, and puts an “rrrrr” sound at the end of Cannibal. ARGH – HOT!

    Did some research and learned that the director is the talented Nick Hooker, and it looks like this kind of manipulation is his signature style. He did has some other videos, which I will now watch.

  15. Tequila Says:

    In honor of this amazing post I will go watch Conan The Destroyer and happily watch her not only be a bad ass but look amazingly…fit. :D