Vania Zouravliov Interview at Gestalten

‘Aaliyah’ / The Fader

Via Wurzeltod – Russian-born, London-based artist Vania Zouravliov has recently been interviewed at the Gestalten blog. Click here to read the interview. To my knowledge, this is Zouravliov’s first-ever interview on the web.


In the interview, Zouravliov discusses the symbolism in his artwork (the women usually represent him, while the men represent peril and fear), his working process (usually one drawing, start to finish, with no preliminary sketches), his parents (yep, they Made Him Weird), his inspirations (including artists as diverse as Sally Mann, Igor Bilibin and Franz van Bayros) and more. Zouravliov’s first book, Vania, comes out this fall.

Zouravliov currently doesn’t have his own website (his art site,, has been down for about a year), but you can still see a large collections at Big Active. Some of my favorite Zouravliov images, after the cut.

Also: in the same post that announces the Zouravliov interview, Wurzeltod also points to a new interview with our dear friend Madeline von Foerster at Beinart. Check it out!

Poe 4

Poe Cover

Under the Tree

Fairy Godmother


10 Responses to “Vania Zouravliov Interview at Gestalten”

  1. D Says:

    Sweet images. Saw over at wurzeltod and dug through a few more online. Some of the images have a quality of Alphonse Muchas art noveau, just with that extra twist. Klimt too, maybe, and early Carl Larsson. I know nothing about art but I really enjoy this.

  2. john colby Says:

    Thanks !!! This totally made my Sunday evening.

  3. Sera Noise Says:

    His artwork is incredibly amazing.
    Every piece made my heart skip a beat. Or two.
    This entry certainly has made my weekend.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. R. Says:

    His work is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. GlamaRuth Says:

    Wow! Like a fever-dream of Adrienne Segur, my favorite children’s illustrator ( Looks like Amazon currently has Vania available for pre-order at $40.95…

  6. Santapau Says:

    I discovered his art through a magazine review for a Matt Elliot album. Though there was a tiny pic of the cover, it was such a suggestive image.

  7. Dayna Says:

    xoxox! I have awarded Coilhouse a gold star blog award over at Disasterville (!

    dayna desastre

  8. Suzanne Says:

    Thank you so much for the mention, Nadya! *takes a bow*

    Glad you selected the Baba Yaga drawing – it’s definitely one of my (many) favourites.

  9. Vivacious G Says:

    Oh I love his work! I can’t wait til the magazine is in print, so I can sprawl out on the bed and flip idly through the glossy pages…

  10. Lolita Says:

    His art is amazing.

    It also reminds me of Joel Peter Witkin’s photography but this is better. Witkin is slightly too much for me and I do like all things twisted.