Coilhouse Issue 01 is Ready For You!

Laibach in Coilhouse

Coilhouse Magazine, Issue 01 is finally here!

Get ready for 96 glossy, full-color pages of art, photography, music, fashion and literature. In this issue, the stark android beauty created by Andy Julia for our cover is counterbalanced inside by his elegant portfolio of vintage-style nudes. Our biggest feature in Issue 01 is an exclusive 10-page showcase and interview with the incredible taxidermy sculptress Jessica Joslin. Also in Issue 01, Coilhouse travels to Ljubljana, Slovenia (literally! we actually went!) to interview Laibach, while singer Jarboe tells war tales from her career post-Swans. Photographer Eugenio Recuenco contributes a lush 10-page portfolio and interview, while Clayton James Cubitt delivers a poignant, visceral spread (again, literally) on the topic of genital origami. Renowned science fiction author Samuel R. Delany shares an exclusive excerpt from his forthcoming novel, “From the Valley of the Nest of Spiders,” while our first installment of “All Yesterday’s Parties” digs up forgotten party photos from eras long gone, starting with London’s Slimelight circa ’95. Fans of WZW and Z!ST will love Zo’s fashion pictorial, in which she reconstructs a Galliano outfit on a budget. Pop-surrealist Travis Louie gives us a glimpse of his inner monster, and cult painter Saturno Butto has some medical fun at the expense of Catholics everywhere. All this, and much more – including supervillain how-to’s, Coilhouse paper dolls, interviews, fashion and art await. Get it now!

Eugenio Recuenco in Coilhouse

Readers of the blog, we have another treat just for you: the fact that the version of the magazine that you are buying here today will not be available in stores. Coilhouse will be in stores this fall, but it won’t be the unique version that’s available here. On this site, and on this site only, you can get the uncensored edition. This version includes a powerful piece that was too risqué for stores to accept without problems due to the graphic (and in our opinion, beautiful) images involved. Only 1000 copies of this very limited version exist – a mere fraction of the entire print run. And that version is only available here, on this site. When we run out, we’ll start selling the censored version that will also be available in stores – so get the limited edition copy that we call the “true version of the magazine” while we still have them!

  • $15.00 plus S/H
  • We ship internationally
  • We ship immediately
  • We accept credit cards and PayPal
  • You do not need to have a PayPal Account to use a credit card

50 Responses to “Coilhouse Issue 01 is Ready For You!”

  1. Twosixteen Says:

    I have now bought the hell outta this! Thank you, ladies!

  2. jessu Says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait till it arrives.

  3. Alysa Says:

    Yay! The time has come!!!

  4. dispodip Says:

    woo! just bought a bunch!
    can’t wait for them to arrive too!

  5. Lydia Says:

    How delicious! Thank you. *taps foot impatiently for arrival*

  6. Erin Says:


  7. Shay Says:


  8. foxtongue Says:

    Eeeevil. Shipping to Canada doubled the price.

    Still bought one, though. That just meant I couldn’t afford two!


  9. Irene Kaoru Says:

    Wooooo! Can’t wait :D

  10. Jessica Says:

    It’s SO gorgeous I just can’t stand it…must have MORE copies NOW! *grin* Very curious to see the Siege images deemed nsfs (not safe for stores) hmmmm….
    Congratulations and thanks again for letting me be a part of this delicious project!!!

  11. Matthew Says:

    Gorgeous, looking forward to reading it at last!

  12. Gothic Charm School Says:

    Clicked the shiny shiny button and purchased my issue. It feels like I’ve been looking forward to the print magazine forever!

  13. six06 Says:

    don’t suppose i can get mine autographed by you three? hrm? ;)

  14. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Gah, it’ll have to wait til the 28th. Blastitall.

  15. Nadya Says:

    CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: We have adjusted the shipping rate to $9.99 for shipping to Canada. Sorry, I didn’t realize that International Priority to Canada is cheaper than International Priority to other countries.

    Those of you in Canada who already ordered will receive a refund for the difference in the postage you paid.

    Thank you!

  16. daniel.yokomizo Says:

    Ouch, 12 bucks to ship to Brazil sucks. Not that I didn’t bought it anyway (it looks gorgeous and I’m a sucker for all things NSK).

    Anyway I want to second the motion for autographs. Do it for your loyal fans, after all signing a mere thousand copies doesn’t hurt (much) ;)

  17. la mome neant Says:

    I’ve just bought mine!!!

  18. Lydia Says:

    six06 has a great question. So. Autographs?

  19. Skerror Says:

    Yes! Just ordered…Christmas comes early this year!

  20. Nadya Says:

    Daniel, six06, Lydia, thank you! What a humbling request. While we’d love to oblige, we’re not currently at the physical location that these are getting shipped from. The shipping is being done out of Burbank by our lovely and talented assistant, G. Thank you again!

  21. Mark Says:

    I just smiled so broadly that the top of my head came off. Your lawsuit is in the mail. ;)

    Can’t wait for the arrival – I’m half expecting Coilhouse #0001 to be delivered by stork. (*u*)

  22. Ben Morris Says:

    Mark: Clearly it shall be delivered by a ornithopter based on a sketch by Leonardo Da Vinci and powered by a small black hole.

  23. Zoetica Says:

    I’ve been smiling all day, it’s all our readers’ fault and I’m suing EVERYONE! Right after our ornithopter delivers the goods.

  24. Verity Says:

    YAY! Can’t wait for the prettiness.

  25. Elise Says:

    Yay-ness! Am ridiculously excited that I’m ridiculously excited about a magazine:) Will subscriptions be possible? I live in Indiana, so buying in stores probably won’t be a viable option.

  26. Nadya Says:

    Elise, thanks so much. We are not offering subscriptions yet for the simple reason that this is our very fist time doing this. We definitely want to do that in the future, but it’s just a bit early for us. We hope to be able to do that starting with Issue 02 or 03.

    Hopefully the magazine will be in a store near you in Indiana, but for now, ordering off this website is the fastest way to get it. It’ll go into stores as a “fall issue,” so everyone who’s waiting to get it at a store may have to wait a little longer.

  27. R. Says:

    It’s so pretty! Yay! I can’t wait, oh I can’t wait to order my copy. ^_^

  28. Learning to link for fun and profit | Cherie Priest Says:

    […] Coilhouse: Issue #1 – on sale now. “Get ready for 96 glossy, full-color pages of art, photography, music, fashion and literature. In this issue, the stark android beauty created by Andy Julia for our cover is counterbalanced inside by his elegant portfolio of vintage-style nudes.” Oh yes. You want to go take a look at this. […]

  29. cappy Says:

    How will we know which version we got? Either way, mine’s on the way.

  30. Nadya Says:

    @ cappy: We will make an announcement when we get close to selling out, and another one when we sell out of the limited edition. So if you ordered today, you got the rare copy.

  31. endjoi Says:

    as if I didn’t already watch the mailbox like a hawk. But now there’s shiney paper with pretty pictures and coilhouse magic all over it, and I doubt I can contain my glee. Thanks for the awesomeness!

  32. Erin Says:

    I ordered one and went off to work earlier. But then I realized that I would need one now for drooling/ejaculating all over, and one to keep in pristine condition for my great, great grand kids to take on Antiques Road Show in 200 years. Makes two copies for me! :)

  33. Harry Turner Says:

    I’m wondering about the chance that the uncensored version might be stopped by UK Customs Officers at the border?

  34. William Kiesel Says:

    Glorious of opportunities!

  35. guesswho9 Says:

    By the way, What shops are they selling in? And are there any shops in the Uk selling it?
    Mom would never let me buy it sadly.

  36. Fluffmitten Says:

    Coilhouse is strong. I am weak. Just take my wallet now and have done with it :p At least your president had the good grace to ruin the dollar in advance.

    Only two things could have made this issue sweeter: the Slimelight pictures being from 96/97 so I could look for myself and my friends (oh the ego); having my copy kissed by Zo before dispatch. (I shall still weep with joy on its arrival of course.)

    Thank you all!

  37. Thews Says:

    i am unable to use the internet to purchase this magazine, is there any way to trade cash for the uncensored edition of coilhouse

  38. velveteenbright Says:

    :'( shipment to europe costs almost as much as the magazine itself!
    but I still ordered it anyway. So, when are they shipping? Tomorrow? *crosses fingers*

  39. djeternaldarkness Says:

    I was afraid I would have to struggle to find one in Seattle. Glad I could just grab it from you guys directly!

  40. Kot matroskin Says:


    I’m just as impatient as the others to get my copy of Coilhouse in the mail. Thank you for launching what looks like a wonderfully promising magazine.
    And, like guesswho9, I’d like to know whether it will be sold in shops in Europe or if at least we’ll be able to order it online?

  41. Katester007 Says:

    I’m so excited!!! Can’t wait to get my NSFS copy (wouldn’t want it any other way).


  42. Brooklyn Says:

    I bought one! Yay!

  43. Evan Says:

    I ordered one yesterday..and tonight, I hope to see Faun Fables live and in color. I declare this: A Good Week.
    At times.. these things feed me more than food :)
    Great, great work folks. Haven’t bought a magazine in ages. This feels more akin to buying a sort of book, or a piece of art, however.

  44. Jani Says:

    I ordered mine yesterday evening (Finland time) and I am pretty sure I won’t get my magazine this week, but I am in no hurry… You can be impatient at mcdonalds if you have to wait your rat-burger too long, but waiting for good spanish style 5 course meal is only natural and I have table full of tapas right here!

    Ok. Seriously. Maybe enough of food related metaphoras. How about metaphora for tailored suit versus suit bought from H&M?

  45. PapaKeilbasa Says:

    ^^ I just ordered and I’m so excited, I can’t wait xDD

  46. Sirose Says:

    My magazine arrived today! It’s ever so beautiful!

  47. aristhasia Says:

    just bought mine! SOOOO very excited

  48. Jypsii Says:

    yah shipping to canada is killer! but its worth it! I’m super excited!

    (is mine the rare version? i hope so… lol)

  49. melanie Says:

    Yay! My copy is on its way!

  50. Nadya Says:

    Jypsii: Yep! We’ll let everyone know when we start running low on the limited version. You’re good!

    Sirose: Wow, that was fast! Glad you like! :)

    Kot matroskin: You can order it online. Right now. We ship to Europe. Just scroll up to the top of the post, and click the picture that says “Click here to buy.”

    velveteenbright: Right now, we’re processing the shipment the day after the magazine has been ordered. So if you got it today, it’ll be shipped tomorrow. You will get an automatic notification when your postage is created.

    Thews: Sorry mate, but we can’t accept cash right now. Ordering online is the only way to go. If you can’t pay online, maybe you could ask a friend to get it for you? Also – can I ask what city you live in?