Coilhouse Magazine Launch Party // Group Art Exhibit

It is time! We’re happy to announce Coilhouse Magazine’s Launch Party and Art Exhibit.

Held this Saturday at Hans Haveron Studios this event will be stuffed full of excellence. Look forward to:

  • Art, photography & fashion exhibit
  • Refreshments, with Mer’s “special” Electric Lemonade
  • Incredibly strange music
  • Photo booth with weird medical props, straight from Zo’s cave
  • Wall projections of Issue 01 art
  • Your first glimpse at the actual magazine!

Enjoy art. Become art via expert lenses of Polaroid superstar Lou O’ Bedlam and Zo! Style Technician’s own Andrew Yoon. Dress your snazziest and bring your friends. Everyone’s invited!

Venture below the jump to see work by the exhibiting artists.

Nadya Lev

Zoetica Ebb

Venus Wept

Hans Haveron

Fashion by Roxy Contin

In this photo: Scar13, our party’s lovely bartender

36 Responses to “Coilhouse Magazine Launch Party // Group Art Exhibit”

  1. Freya Says:

    Too bad I am in Chicago. Congratulations on your launch!

  2. gooby Says:

    Ooh, I gots a big job to finish, it’d be cool to come down for this. Maybe if I can’t make it, I’ll have my OWN party in SF… alone… in a corner with a box of Tijuana wine, a festive straw, and a lint roller.

    I hope Mer’s bringin more than her lemonade? Music/theremin, maybe?

  3. Mer Says:

    Aww, Goo. Wish you could make it.

    (And yes, in addition to some slapdash laptop dj-ing, I am gathering courage/instrumental music for a theremin set. Just don’t hold me to it.)

  4. lizzelizzel Says:

    This looks like it will be amazing. I wish Jason and I could be there.

  5. David Forbes Says:

    Damn. This is another reason I need to get my hands on a teleporter. It’s a long way to California.

    Congratulations to all of ya on combining creativity, talent and grit to bring a fine publication kicking and screaming into existence. Enjoy the party.

  6. SMHilker Says:

    I so want to go to this!!!

  7. Tequila Says:

    With such a wonderful collection of misfits who would want to miss this? Curious who from the short list of regular comment junkies will attend. Feels as though we should have a secret handshake or special symbol to recognize one another :P

    “…I am gathering courage/instrumental music for a theremin set. Just don’t hold me to it…”

    Can we just kindly threaten you then? How about poke you with a rag on a stick until you play? Maybe tempt you with money only valid in 3rd world nations? How about we smile and go “Please!” like little children before they get angry and break stuff?

    Whatever the case I look forward to the lemonade.

    Scar as the bartender? That should prove wonderfully interesting.

  8. ivasadon Says:

    on my birthday! DAMN! I wish i have superpowers. To teleport/fly/transport my clone there for the launch.
    Have fun with the winged monkeys!

  9. Sera Noise Says:

    Hurrah! Congratulations, how exciting!
    I think I’ll hitchhike to California.
    Surely I’ll make it just in time!

  10. Ben Johnson Says:

    I second the call for an SF event. What did LA do to deserve all the fun?

    But do enjoy your shindig, you’ve earned it.

  11. Io Says:

    Damnit all!!! I’m missing it by less than two weeks…I’ll be there the 21st. :((((((((

  12. Alice Says:

    Alas, right at the beginning of my England-trip! Well, at least I’ll be quite distracted and not have to mourn my inability to attend…!

  13. Stephanie Says:

    bahhh!! i just came back to sf from la the other day….i was hoping the party wasn’t going to be for another week at least!!! pffffffftttt. I’m so bummed. I know it’ll be fabulous! have a fantastic time ladies!

  14. tyhiliet (eric) Says:

    damn i need my license … and a car….
    i need to get there, some how…

  15. R. Says:

    Damn I wish I could be there. That’s all right though I’ll throw a small party here in Virginia in honor of the Coilhouse Magazine Launch. You all have a great time and congratulations! :D

  16. Erin Says:

    Ah, the whole ordeal looks amazing! Erin wants to come. :(

    Well, have fun in there you guys.. *presses face to the glass*

  17. traumata Says:

    Gosh this looks amazing! Congratulations to the Coilhouse team!
    (and have a London launch… so I can party with ya and check out this awesome art!)

  18. Vivacious G Says:


  19. Shay Says:

    Wish I could be there. Have fun !

  20. Jessica Says:

    Whoo hoo!!! Congratulations ladies!
    Wish we could be there…sadly we won’t be in LA ’til Tuesday. *pout*

    Is there anyplace we can pick up a magazine once we arrive?

  21. chillguru Says:

    best of luck! i’m sure it will be utterly fabulous. sadly, i’m on the wrong coast to be able to attend. be sure to share pictures with us! :)

  22. kcota Says:

    I heard about this event through BoingBoing. Can I attend the launch?? Can I bring my family?? My sister and brother are teenagers. Please let me know….

  23. Mer Says:

    Good question, Kcota. I think you should be okay bringing folks under 21, but I’m not entirely sure? There will be a lot of booze around. We’ll talk to the gallery owner and get back to ya.

    EDIT: Yep! Teens are most heartily and enthusiastically encouraged to attend. (Our lovely bartender Scar will be checking IDs.)

  24. Mark Says:

    I’m seriously so miffed that there’s a huge ocean and 9/10 of a rather sizable continent in the way. Unfair unfair. I’d pull teeth to be there. Have so, so much fun you guys – you deserve it. xo

  25. Nicodemus Cain Says:

    I hear you there Mark, although I’m guessing it’s a different ocean to the one barring your way (I only have to cross the Pacific), but it’s still way too far away.

  26. Terra Trouvé Says:

    Nice one guys. Enjoy it. It sounds like it will be the shindig of the century.

    maybe us across the pond will hold a mirror party in joint celebration. Who’s up for it? Coilhouse UK launch party?

  27. Constance Says:

    Sonofabutt I wish i could come but for I’m out of town for a few weeks! Harsh!

  28. Marcia Says:

    Would love to come to this. What are the chances of getting this in print in ZA?

    Don’t s’pose anyone wants to post me a copy?

  29. foxtongue Says:

    I’m sending the love of my life as my proxy. Antony’s a sweetheart clone of Adrian Brody and I hope you take good care of him. It’ll break my heart, Mer, if I don’t find at least one photo of you two in the same frame.

  30. patrick impossible Says:

    Gooby: I will join you in that corner, and we shall gloriously drown our sorrows in Tijuana wine and lint rollers. And next time, perhaps the House of Coil would be so kind as to hold their magical fête on OUR side of the state. Oh, one can dream, can’t one?

    Mer: If you do play your theremin, I may well be spontaneously transported to your locale in a fit of awesome. Just so you know.

    Coilhouseketeers: A huge and hearty congratulations, and please have a ridiculously fantastic time.

  31. andrew Says:

    i’m hoping to make it with a friend. art, music, booze and nice creative people. what more can i ask for? not much, i think.

    @Mer – i vote for theremin.

  32. Ed Autumn Says:

    What is the cover charge for this event? If any?

  33. Nadya Says:

    Ed, there is no cover for this event. Free wine, too, but the more hard drinks cost something.

  34. Ed Autumn Says:

    Thanks for the reply Nadya, and the free wine only sweetens the already sweetly loaded deal :)

    I hope to be there!

  35. Nixon Says:

    I’ll be there. And if I can find any bells, I’ll put them on.

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