Flickr Flurry: Launch Party Photos

Your hosts: Zo, Nadya & Mer by Andrew Yoon

That’s us up there, around 2am on Sunday morning, jaws stiff from smiling all night. We have you to thank, really – we couldn’t have expected a better turnout. An estimated 300+ people showed up throughout the evening. Familiar faces mixed with new ones, we welcomed several Issue 01 contributors and were delighted to finally meet some of you, as well.

Of course the night wasn’t without its challenges. Mer’s theremin got possessed during setup, Zoetica lost some skin executing parkour moves while jumping 12 feet from her roof onto a balcony during a lock jam emergency, Nadya’s hair interfered with the wireless connection, briefly. No matter, it was all ultimately worth it. The lemonade flowed electric, theremin music filled the air, the strawberries and meringues were sweet, the guests were plenty.

As promised, one of the chief attractions was our photo booth. Filled with Zo and Mer’s prized instruments, toys and inexplicable objects, it attracted a steady stream of thrill-seekers. Light-master Drew and soul-portraitist Lou, our esteemed photo-agents, put forth a herculean effort, the abundant results of which are on display on Flickr for your viewing pleasure.

A sampling of Lou’s gorgeous Polaroids:

    If your picture’s up here, feel free to identify yourself in the comments! Likewise, if you took or know of any other images from the evening, do share. Beyond the jump, just a few of our favorite portraits.

    18 Responses to “Flickr Flurry: Launch Party Photos”

    1. annie Says:

      happiness. coilhouse has been keeping me delighted since its inception last october. congrats to you, girls! the party looks appropriately grand. can’t waaait to get my hands on a copy of the print mag!

    2. Jack Says:

      Meredith Yayanos has got to be the coolest theremin player alive. There is a track on the new Faun Fables EP that just completely blows me away!

    3. annie Says:

      arf. *october = august.

    4. Laura Gardner Says:

      oOOOOOH can we buy the magazine yet? please sir.

      Looks like a great launch.

      The photos are fabulous.


    5. stefania Says:

      i can’t stop giggling when i look at that awesome photo of mildred.

      that’s james and me in the very last photo. thanks again ladies!!! i can’t stop raving about it!

    6. ErikWargo Says:

      Awesome photos. Great party.

    7. Nadya Says:

      stefania: Agreed, the photo of Mildred is hilarious – for those who don’t know, she’s standing in front of a portrait of herself. Epic lulz!

      annie: October is right. We started blogging in August, but launched the site publicly in October.

      Jack: Mer is touring the East Coast right now. I’m going to be posting about it in just a bit. Everyone, go see her play!

    8. Mer Says:


      Otherwise, weeee!

      Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting us, and to everyone who shared their arts and talents with us. It certainly was a night to remember.

    9. fortheloveofthestars Says:

      Mommy, the pretty people are making me feel ugly.

      Seriously though, gorgeous photos and you guys are amazing!

    10. Tequila Says:

      The magazine is a beauty…I won’t spoil anything for those who have yet to see it…but it more than lives up to the quality displayed on the blog in terms or writing and subject matter. It’s a feast. Very much its own creature of course but one that capitalizes on being a printed page you hold over a computer screen you click on.

      The launch party as the documentation above shows, was quite the event and filled with many many pretty faces and curious oddities (both living & decorative.) Best thing was how chill and cool near everyone was so actual conversation (of the drunken and sober variety) was quite possible. I was happy to finally meet the lovely ladies behind this Coilhouse beast (each an absolute joy) and the other misfit creators who’s work I’ve enjoyed for some time now.

      Watching Mer’s theremin get possessed was a highlight…many thanks again to our lovely hosts. It all had that rare pulse of people coming together to support something quite special…no easy feat…especially in this economy.

    11. rickie Says:

      srsly i iz not durnk!

      after seeing the footage of the theremin, i really want to get one and learn how to play it. mmmmmm

      had fun! congratulations on a great turn out :)

    12. Merveilluse Says:

      ….when can I get my copy????

    13. Shay Says:

      Some really great photos!

      A lot of biting it seems. And Nadya, amazing outfit! And Mer, you look gorgeous too! And Zoetica+Jhonen+Monkey is sho cute. And is that Beetleginny??

      Anyway, looks like it was brilliant. Congrats to u all. *curtsies*

    14. R. Says:

      You all looked so freaking fabulous. I so wish I could have been there to celebrate with you all.

    15. Brock McCoy Says:

      As Captain King Manager of Electric Lemonade Quality Control for Human and Nonhuman Consumption, I approve of these photos and my likeness granted therein. Never forget to tip your bartendress, especially if she has Jolly Rogers on her every fingernail. Thanks again all. The onslaught of jealousy and hatred I’ve received from friends and family is well-deserved.

    16. Nadya Says:

      Shay: Thanks for the compliment on the outfit! And yes, that is the lovely Beetleginny. It was awesome to finally see her in person.

      Merveilluse, annie, Laura: Soon, soon, we promise! I hate to name hard dates because I’m sad to say I’m superstitious as hell, but it may be as early as… a few days from now.

      Brock, Tequila, rickie, stefania: Thank you, guys, for coming. Tequila, thank you for your review. It made me feel warm and fuzzy. :)

      Also, I think I may have accidentally deleted a comment. It was early in the morning and I was half-asleep trying to read comments on the iPhone. I have to stop doing that! I’m sorry if I did delete one. Hopefully, it was just a dream.

    17. Mark Says:

      *Swells momentarily matronly bosom with something possibly approaching paternal pride*

      AwwwwwWWWWW, fucking WELL DONE you guys. seriously. :)

      Attendees: jealousy doesn’t even begin to cover it. UK peeps: we should soooooo do our own version sometime.

    18. Shay Says:

      It’s funny how everybody from the internets actually exists.