New Herzog/Lynch Film: Fun for the Whole Family

First, headlines screaming about giant flying inflatable turds descending on innocent children… and now, word that Werner Herzog and David Lynch are joining forces to make a slasher film?! Comrades, this is either the beginning of the end, or The Best Day Ever. Let’s dance!

Herzog + Sophocles + Lynch = EPIC WIN

The two reigning iconoclasts of modern cinema announced at Cannes that they’ll be teaming up to make a digitally shot, guerilla-style murder drama called My Son sometime early next year. Based on a true story, My Son will tell the grisly tale of a “San Diego man who acts out a Sophocles play in his mind and kills his mother with a sword” with the narrative jumping between the murder scene and direct accounts from the matricidal maniac.

Lynch has also announced plans to collaborate with Jodorowsky on an NC-17 “metaphysical gangster movie” starring Nick Nolte, and featuring Marilyn Manson as a 300-year old pope.

What next? Matthew Barney and the Mekas Brothers unite to reinterpret the Ramayana starring Soupy Sales as Hanuman? A pristine print of Welles’ original cut of The Magnificent Ambersons is found under a rock in a Brazilian rain forest? Jerry Lewis finally consents to release The Day the Clown Cried? GIT ‘ER DONE, COSMOS.

10 Responses to “New Herzog/Lynch Film: Fun for the Whole Family”

  1. David Forbes Says:

    We. Are. Doomed!

    And it’s the best thing ever! Yay!

    Please tell me they’ll reenact the Bacchae next.

  2. q gauti Says:

    who the what now?

  3. Tequila Says:

    When Lynch does a murder the whole world sings with glee. While I would have preferred this be shot in a style closer to Lost Highway than Inland Empire…who can complain when the possibilities for such epic levels of awesome exist? Herzog has become THE MAN in recent years…and he’s earned it so this is just great news.

    But…an NC-17 metaphysical gangster movie you say? NOW THAT IS MY KINDA MOVIE!!! An El Topo for the new generation? That may be too much to ask for but hey…I’m willing to take the gamble.

    Either of these two would be a good first film for the unofficial Coilhouse Film Club to go see. As soon as such a thing is formed that is… :D

    Oh Happy Day…oh and speaking of The Magnificent Ambersons…while no word has surfaced of anything being able to restore Welles’s version we do get a great DVD of Touch of Evil soon. It will include the preview cut, theatrical release, and the restored Welles cut. Not a bad deal.

  4. james puckett Says:

    Sounds like another Lynch film that will get a limited theatrical release in New York and France before bombing on DVD. And that goes for both of them.

  5. Stephanie Says:

    OMG!! I just about peed my pants when I read this, AND AND AND the jodorowsky collaboration??

  6. Ben Morris Says:

    I…don’t know what to say (but thats not going to stop me).

    Hmm…Herzog is one of my favorite directors, Lynch I have mixed feelings about (I think he has tons of talent mixed with sometimes questionable judgment), still it sounds like it will be a very interesting collaberation.

    Its been eighteen years since we have had a Jodorowsky film, a new one is something I wants, so this news makes me very happy.

    The Welles cut of The Magnificent Ambersons is on my list of things to rescue if I ever stumble upon a time machine (also to rescue: the full 10 hour version of Greed and Lord Byron’s memoirs).

  7. R. Says:

    No wonder I was feeling weirdly tingly today…the end is nigh but it’s going to be a beautifully strange end.

  8. David Forbes Says:

    Tequila: That news about Touch of Evil just made my day. I hadn’t known that.

    On a side note, the combined grizzled gaze power of Herzog, Sophocles and Lynch is starting to do strange things to my mind.

  9. William Kiesel Says:

    Lynch and Jodorowsky? There is indeed something afoot!

  10. Skerror Says:

    Our god is an awesome god :D