Rococo, Cabaret, Beijing – Voila!

As we recharge and make our way through hundreds of party photos, allow me to draw your attention to a few worthwhile endeavors worldwide. Art, music and costumes galore await!

A night at Dr. Sketchy’s, as envisioned by Molly Crabapple

An international whirlwind of glitter, booze, babes and art can only mean one thing: Molly Crabapple has taken Dr. Sketchy’s on the road. Tonight’s festivities take place in Edinburgh at And The Devil May Drag You Under. On Wednesday, our London readership can welcome this juggernaut of a lady to Madame JoJo’s. You’ll be treated to salacious burlesque, an opportunity to draw expertly [un]dressed cabaret beauties and even prizes! Hosted by comedy heartthrob Dusty Limits and Molly herself, this is sure to be a spectacular night. Next up – Berlin and Helsinki! More information about the cabaret-meets-art phenomenon here.

DoV denizens

Certainly you’ve noticed our weakness for beautiful men in makeup, flamboyancy of Rococo fashion and high tales of adventure. Even my blackened heart goes pitter-patter at the rustle of a masterfully layered crinoline. Throw in a dress-up picnic and we’re in heaven. If you’re in or traveling to New York this month you can expect just that. Dances of Vice has cooked up a truly decadent spread for August 22 through 24. A nuclear blast to the senses, this event’s lineup boasts live music, fencing, theater inspired by time travel, Münchhausen and Marquis de Sade, art exhibited and performed, absinthe, and, god yes, a picnic at the New York Botanical garden. Damn right I’ll be there, taking part in the fashion extravaganza. If you’re an undercover dandy, courtesan or just a filthy strumpet in search of a good time, this is the ultimate place to be in two weeks.

On a completely different note, as the Olympics rage on in Beijing, my Flickr stream is being flooded with new photos from Kris Krug. He’s been on location for a while now, uploading huge batches of wonderful images, some of which I have a feeling you’ll enjoy.

7 Responses to “Rococo, Cabaret, Beijing – Voila!”

  1. Vivacious G Says:

    I want to goooooo… the Dances of Vice, not the Olympics. Although those are some great photos from Beijing.

  2. Zoetica Says:

    You’d love it!
    I’ve been checking out his photo-stream often for updates – some fun stuff in there.

  3. V. Blame Says:

    Vivacious G –

    If Dances of Vice truly takes inspiration from Münchausen, then take heart! It would be entirely appropriate for you to attend by proxy.

  4. R. Says:

    I read about Dances of Vice over at the LJ steampunk community awhile back and I was intrigued. It looks like it would be a great time (especially since they have absinthe and my inner courtesan loves absinthe).

  5. Shien Lee Says:

    Molly and DOV featured together! It’s a beautiful combination. She did the amazing program book cover for the festival:

    The program PDF can be viewed online here:

  6. Zoetica Says:

    R, I can’t wait to sample some of that absinthe.

    Shien, yes – two of my favorite New Yorkers next to each other is a lovely thing indeed. Especially since you recently joined forces for that gorgeous cover!

  7. choklit Says:

    If only I could be two places at once!!! My heart belongs at Dances of Vice, but I’ll be heading to a certain desert in Nevada… ah, next year.